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By Martha Porter Fiszer

GENRE: Comedy

When a mysterious, car wash goop brings a plucky, stick mom decal to life and separates her from the family, she must take on the perils of live-action, suburbia in an eye-opening quest to return to the back of the SUV.


UNSTUCK is a fun, fast-paced, animation-within-live-action, short film about a stick mom car decal that gets separated from her stick family, thanks to a careless, Scrubby Doo Car Wash employee and a mysterious vat of life-giving, sudsy goop.

What starts as a typical, sunny, suburban morning with a live action mom and her kids running errands, soon turns into STICK MOM’s desperate, high-speed attempt to get back to her family on the SUV. It’s a series of an eye-opening escapades for the tiny, but mighty, little figure who, until now, has never experienced adventure, danger, flirtation, loneliness or any other life-affirming moments because, well, she was just a car decal.

The story follows our animated heroine through her perilous, and exhausting, encounters with the real world: speeding cars and motorcycles, cops in pursuit, cyclists, joggers, sidewalk foot traffic, a city bus, skate board, an angry dog, movie zombies in lingerie, amorous drunks in a sports bar and more, as she splats, scales, vaults, dodges, camouflages, sips, flaps and soars triumphantly home. But once she’s back to her original place, we see that she is not quite the same STICK MOM that we started with.

It’s a light-hearted look at truths about mommy hood – the desire to escape the everyday and the way we sometimes feel stuck in a one-dimensional life not allowing ourselves to break free and experience all that life has to offer.

WGA #2059801

Nathaniel Baker

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