Loglines & Screenplays by Martha Porter Fiszer

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GENRES: Comedy

When a mysterious, car wash goop brings a plucky, stick mom decal to life and separates her from the family, she must take on the perils of live-action, suburbia in an eye-opening quest to return to the back of the SUV.

Maggie's Wager

GENRES: Romance, Comedy

When a dying, self-help guru who's all about honesty wants to make amends for the lies she lived, she bets on her oblivious husband and exes to carry out a secret, posthumous plan for redemption that quickly devolves into a scrappy, man-brain competition.

Breaking and Entering

GENRES: Comedy

When two lifelong, post-menopausal friends reclaim the mischief of their youth by breaking into neighborhood McMansions, they discover far more than expensive furnishings and impeccable taste.

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