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About Wendy

Wendy Kram is one of the industry’s leading script consultants and career coaches as well as a producer who has sold projects to Sony, Disney, Universal, HBO, Lifetime, ABC, NBC, CBS, and USA. With longstanding industry relationships, clients come to Wendy for her sharp creative instincts and business savvy with respect to elevating material, improving its marketability, packaging and matching content to the right production entities. She has secured agency representation, high-level meetings and six-figure deals for her clients. Feature credits include "Mad Money" with Diane Keaton, Queen Latifah and Katie Holmes and current projects including several features and television series with Anonymous Content, the company that produced "True Detective", "Mr. Robot", "Spotlight", "The Revenant", and represents clients such as Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Steve Sodderbergh, Alejandro Iñárritu, among others.

As a producer, Wendy is primarily looking for scripts that are turn-key and don't require deep development. Projects that are based on source material and intellectual property are of particular interest. Wth writers who are not yet established or have projects that require development, she offers script consulting and career coaching services through her company L.A. FOR HIRE. For more information, please visit or contact Wendy directly at wendy@. She'll be happy to provide a complimentary consultation to discuss services that may be right for you to advance your projects and careers.

Wendy has conducted workshops at NYU Tisch, USC School of Cinematic Arts, Harvard University, UCLA and Stage 32.

Unique traits: Development, Packaging, Industry Relationships, Unique literary & film background resulting in keen abilities to help screenwriters elevate & sell their work. Proven track record. Guest speaker at NYU, Harvard, & international film fests.



  • Alchemist of Boyle Heights

    Alchemist of Boyle Heights (2018)
    TV Movie (Drama) Producer Alchemist of Boyle Heights is a TV comedy pilot revolving around a Mexican-American 36-year-old widow, and mother of two, Lily Esteban, who takes on a boarder into her ramshackle Victorian to survive in a part of town now becoming gentrified. Life in Alchemist of Boyle Heights is also emblematic of a struggle between class and culture in Los Angeles. Lily has declared her ambition to do better and in so doing, she must buck the established order. The traditional role of women in a Mexican household which has been to stay home and take care of the children, while men worked. Lily, however, is her own woman, one not ruled by tradition, or society's constraints, but by common sense and hard work as she builds a life for herself and her family under difficult circumstances. So, Lily creates something from nothing -- gold from thin air -- an alchemist. Written by Migdia Chinea and Frank Varela

  • The Prince of Old Havana

    The Prince of Old Havana (2017)
    Film (Drama) Producer The Prince of Old Havana. Set in Havana at the turn of the 20th century, this is the true story of Alberto Yarini, the son of European aristocrats who could have had his pick of any number of respectable careers - but where he felt most at home was among the disenfranchised, the Afro-Cubanos and prostitutes to whom he offered a safe haven and home. He became known as "The Great Pimp of San Isidro" and "The Prince of Old Havana", crossing all social and cultural barriers, friends with dignitaries and politicians as well as the city's poor. He was a man of the people and one of the city's biggest power brokers. Part Bertolt Brecht's MacHeath, part Don Juan...and part Shakespeare's Prince Hal. Yarini inhabits a distinct world where European social mores and customs intermingle with African rhythms and rituals. Havana in its last Hurrah. Written by Frank Varela

  • Medinah

    Medinah (2017)
    Television (Adventure, Drama, Fantasy and Sci-Fi) Miscellaneous Crew When a rocket launch goes awry, a group of strangers stuck in a cave in the desert trying to survive, while the corporation that launched the rocket attempts to figure out went wrong.

  • Old Havana and the Great Pimp of San Isidro

    Old Havana and the Great Pimp of San Isidro (2014)
    Film (Short and Drama) Producer 1910 Havana. During this time, one man rose to great political power. His name was Yarini, the Prince of Old Havana. During his ten-year reign, he brought inexorable joy to many, but to others he presented a great threat. In a story based on the life of the man, Yarini, his women, and the mystical city of Havana Written by Anonymous

  • Holt & Randy: Foundations

    Holt & Randy: Foundations (2010)
    Film (Short, Comedy and Drama) Miscellaneous Crew Holt Holiday and Randy Thyme have been musicians then roadies since the time they could walk. Having just completed another tour with a no name band they remember fondly their days as roadies with the Rolling Stones and how things seemingly will never be the same as they ponder their future. Returning home full-time to Hollywood for the first time in over a decade, the pair seeks out Holt's Uncle Ron, a semi-celebrity in Tinsel Town with an unknown but shady past, in the hopes Uncle Ron will be able to set them up with a place to crash and some hold over cash until their next big tour comes along. But Uncle Ron has other arrangements in mind when Holt and Randy come knocking on his doorstep. Referencing a promise that he made to Holt's mother before she died years earlier to watch over his wayward nephew, Uncle Ron offers Holt, and by proximity Randy, a chance to run a abandoned film studio that recently fell into his possession. By managing the studio, Uncle Ron tells the boys they ... Written by The Writers

  • True Beauty This Night

    True Beauty This Night (2009)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Producer Last night, Rhett Somers met the love of his life. Now all he has to do is convince her that she's the one. Not an easy feat considering how they met.

  • Hollywood Douche Bags

    Hollywood Douche Bags (2008)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Producer Hollywood Douche Bags pokes fun at Hollywood night life, revolving around two douche bags named Chad and Julian. With their boys (Scott, Barrett, and Dean), they hit the clubs with the mission of being noticed and getting laid. On this particular night things don't go as planned. Written by Julian Lemoni

  • Passion and Prejudice

    Passion and Prejudice (2001)
    TV Movie (Drama) Producer When prim and proper New England college professor Gwen Barry (Titanic's Frances Fisher) hires handsome young prison inmate Dalton Roy (Derwin Jordan) to tend her yard through a prison work furlough program, their mentor-student relationship soon turns into a passionate love affair. But when Dalton completes his prison sentence, meets a pretty young college student (Kandyse McClure), and attempts to start over again on his own, Gwen becomes obsessed with remaining a part of Dalton's life or destroying it completely. Written by madun@iname.com

  • Midwives

    Midwives (2001)
    TV Movie (Drama and Crime) Miscellaneous Crew It's a cold and stormy night, and in a house in rural Vermont, midwife Sibyl Danforth is, together with the father and an assistant, in the middle of a homebirth. As time passes, the woman in labor meets with difficulties and Sibyl concludes that it would be preferable for the woman to deliver her baby in the hospital. Though a dead telephone line and bad weather prevents Sibyl from going anywhere. Black ice and a persisten snowstorm makes transportation an impossibility. Early in the morning, the woman dies from what they believe to be a stroke and in all the chaos, Sibyl promptly decides to do a C-section to save the baby. The baby survives, but the mother is dead and tragedy is obvious. Yet, it's only going to get worse for Sibyl as her assistant is certain that the woman was still alive when Sibyl performed the C-section. Sibyl is charged with manslaughter, brought before the court and her life is and will forever be changed. Written by Angelica

  • Sally Hemings: An American Scandal

    Sally Hemings: An American Scandal (2000)
    TV Movie (Biography, Drama, History and Romance) Producer The story of the extraordinary, controversial thirty-eight-year relationship between Thomas Jefferson and his slave mistress, Sally Hemings. The teenage Sally begins her unexpected relationship with widower Thomas Jefferson in Paris where he is serving as the U.S. Ambassador to France. After escorting Jefferson's younger daughter on a trans-Atlantic journey to join him in Paris, Sally is soon exposed to a world quite unlike the one in which she has lived as an illiterate slave in Monticello. While Sally serves as a nanny of sorts, Jefferson provides her with an education, fine clothes and opportunities to experience cultural events. She and her brother, James, who works as Jefferson's chef and was also educated by him, delight in the fact that they are free in France-and are treated with respect. It is under these circumstances that Sally and Jefferson become acquainted with one another and begin an affair that will ultimately lead to scandal. Written by Echo Bridge Home Entertainment

  • As Time Runs Out

    As Time Runs Out (1999)
    TV Movie (Crime, Thriller and Drama) Producer The son of an industrialist is kidnapped. In attempting to deal with the kidnapper, a former employee, he is accidentally killed. The only clue that the investigative team, headed by a police lieutenant, has is that the boy is hidden away and a bomb has been implanted in one of his toys and will explode in 24 hours. Written by John sacksteder <jsack@ka.net>

  • High Stakes

    High Stakes (1997)
    TV Movie (Drama) Producer A former news reporter marries and tries to adjust to the life of a house wife and mother. However, her need for an adrenaline high is overpowering and she becomes and addicted gambler. Written by meg

  • Trail of Tears

    Trail of Tears (1995)
    TV Movie Producer For Annie (Katey Sagal - Three Wise Guys) life is tough, she works all hours as a card dealer in a Reno casino and has to leave her children with her mum. To make matters worse her ex husband David (William Russ) is putting pressure on her over the children and one day decides to run off with them. In Lincoln, Nebraska lives Cheryl (Pam Dawber) who finds herself dealing with the same problem when her ex-husband Michael (Jeffrey Nordling) decides to run off with their children. 6 months later Cheryl calls Annie having found her name from the missing children's network and despite being chalk n cheese hit the road together in search of their children.

  • Ultimate Betrayal

    Ultimate Betrayal (1994)
    TV Movie (Drama) Producer This is based on a true story about two sisters who sue their father for incest and child abuse. As the story unfolds, it is revealed that the father severely abused all six children, and committed incest with all four of his daughters. The two sons received the worst of the physical abuse. The mother stood haplessly by and allowed her husband to control the family through his methods of "discipline". The movie includes graphic descriptions and scenes of the abuse which are disturbing. Written by Anonymous

  • Stranger in the Family

    Stranger in the Family (1991)
    TV Movie (Drama) Miscellaneous Crew Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother, Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle) is Steve Thompson, a sixteen-year-old who seemed to have everything going for him: good looks, friends, and a great personality. But his once bright future is tragically dimmed after a car accident brings all this to a crashing halt. Written by Anonymous

  • Lucky Day

    Lucky Day (1991)
    TV Movie (Drama) Miscellaneous Crew When 30-year-old Allison Campbell wins a $2 million lottery, her family life turns upside down not just because of her winnings but because Allison is mentally handicapped. Kari, her younger sister, has been caring for Alison for 10 years. Problems arise when the girls' mother, Katherine, decides she wants Allison to live with her. Written by Anonymous

  • Gross Anatomy

    Gross Anatomy (1989)
    Film (Drama) Miscellaneous Crew A smart first-year med student takes nothing seriously, except the pursuit of his Gross Anatomy (human dissection) lab partner. It's up to her and their teacher to find a way to convince him to take his studies and life seriously. Written by Blue Dragon <movies@sharyl.mailstop.com>

  • Lost Angels

    Lost Angels (1989)
    Film (Drama) Miscellaneous Crew A troubled youth from a split Los Angeles family is sent to a private psychiatric hospital after a violent scrape with the police. In the hospital, he makes a connection with one of the doctors who has his own problems.

  • Jacknife

    Jacknife (1989)
    Film (Drama) Miscellaneous Crew A conflict develops between a troubled Vietnam veteran and the sister he lives with when she becomes involved romantically with the army buddy who reminds him of the tragic battle they both survived. Written by Keith Loh <loh@sfu.ca>

  • Tidy Endings

    Tidy Endings (1988)
    TV Movie (Drama) Miscellaneous Crew Add a Plot »

  • I Do

    I Do
    Film (Comedy) Producer Three brides and all hell that breaks loose just a week before their weddings.


    Television by Lifetime Executive Producer


    Film Executive Producer

  • Old Havana

    Old Havana
    Drama Executive Producer

  • Untitled Hunter-Miller Thriller

    Untitled Hunter-Miller Thriller
    Film by Anonymous Content Producer

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