Loglines & Screenplays by Joseph E. "Duke" Miller

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GENRES: Thriller

Two sisters take a Christmas trip to the Bahamas and end up in a deadly game of cat and mouse and one of them is the bait, but which one? 

Burden of Proof


Rowdy Smith, an irreverent second-rate lawyer, and Samantha Blizzard, a classy go-getter Assistant D.A., are forced to work together when a case they're supposed to be on opposite sides, turns out to be rife with corrupt public officials and mobsters. The danger in the case creates an unforeseen intimacy between them.

Rattlesnake Dick

GENRES: Historical, Western

Rattlesnake Dick Barter, an inept outlaw, fancies himself a desperado’s desperado.  But, Dick can’t ride, can’t shoot, and horses hate him.  When he lands in front of a hanging judge accused of a murder he didn’t commit, only the intervention of the famous dime novelist, I.R. Hardy, can keep him off the gallows. 

The Hunt For James Steele

GENRES: Romance, Comedy

James Steele is the world’s most popular actor. The Problem is, James
Steele doesn’t exist. When the American President demands to meet
Steele, the studio sends his creator off to find the perfect man to
double for James. But, the double she finds is flawed and her career
and the studio's survival depends upon her ability to create a star out
of a womanizing roughneck.

Seeking Julia

GENRES: Comedy, Family

A naïve but headstrong twelve year old boy falls in love with a young starlet in a cliff hanger movie serial and runs away to find the girl of his dreams only to find himself in the adventure of a lifetime in nineteen fifties Hollywood where he discovers that the woman he loves is now forty-five and older than his mother.

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