Loglines & Screenplays by Chris Sullivan

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"Bender's Recall & the Professor's Booty Call" (Futurama fan script)

GENRES: Animation, Comedy, Other, Sci-fi

A Futurama fan script I wrote years ago.

"The New Psychic, Side-Kick, and Missing Psychic" (PSYCH fan script.)

GENRES: Action, Adventure, Comedy

"Psych" fan script I wrote a few years ago.

"Brian's Addiction and Peter's Affliction" (Family Guy fan script)

GENRES: Animation, Comedy, Other

A "Family Guy" fan script I wrote years ago.

"Break a Leg" (Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan script)

GENRES: Not selected

"Buffy" fan script I wrote way back in 2003ish.

The Four Ladybugs

GENRES: Action, Crime, Drama

Four small-time masked vigilanties, in four different cities help the police fight crime while evading the press and police themselves.

The Newland Story

GENRES: Action, Adventure, Crime, Fantasy, Thriller

Officer Jack Newland discovers vampires are real and that his son, Seth, fights them side-by-side with good vampires. "Vampires vs Vampires. Humans vs Vampires and a twist never seen used in the Vampire Lore."

Vio: The Begining

GENRES: Action, Crime, Drama

While the FBI tries to track down a Hitman who masks murders as suicides, Police Officer Vio reflects on his past two years with his wife, Samantha, on their anniversary while criminals from their past attempt revenge.

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