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GENRES: Action, Horror, Romance, Sci-fi, Thriller

I have 5 loglines for this film. 

1.  After cursing God for his wife's death, Jim Conner reveals a secret to life, not of this world.

2.   After his wife's untimely death, Jim Conner is suddenly thrust into a reality that will change the books of history and write of new.

3.  After unveiling a secret message, Jim Conner is selected to present earth to a race of alien beings.

4.  How fortunate must you feel to be the first to present yourself and earth to an intelligent race of alien beings.

5.  How humble must you be to be the first human to present your planet to a race of intelligent alien beings.

SR2 Beyond The Son; the horror continues...

GENRES: Action, Romance, Sci-fi, Thriller

NASA is forced to evacuate thousands of people on Earth to another planet before it is over run by Alien creatures


GENRES: Sci-fi, Thriller

Terrorists unleash a bio-weapon during the Holidays aimed at key government officials


GENRES: Action, Sci-fi, Thriller

A high-school science experiment go awry and threatens to destroy Earth.

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