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  • Microaggression

    Microaggression Drama In the center of university politics marred in deep microaggression, a mixed race progressive female student falls in love with the president of the college’s conservative student organization.

  • Girl Made in Japan

    Girl Made in Japan Comedy Drama Romance This is the story of a girl made in Japan.  Mineko is a former geisha who are transformed into a baseball muse. She makes a living with her extra-ordinary treatment for errant American professional baseball players. Everything progresses normally until a typhoon strikes Japan. 

  • The Snakeskin Boots of Billy the Kid

    The Snakeskin Boots of Billy the Kid Comedy Drama Romance Billy’s Boots is a complicated heist film set in an amorous atmosphere of the West, wealth, and technology. An ethical computer, a beautiful television personality and an unscrupulous auctioneer vie for Billy the Kid’s snakeskin boots.

  • The Fighting Highlanders

    The Fighting Highlanders Drama Family In the face of radically changed demographics, an octogenarian fights to keep his former high school’s mascot.

  • Wake Up Buddy

    Wake Up Buddy Drama Independent An African-American freshman Congressman hops a Greyhound bus from Washington D.C. and heads to Ohio on a job-hunting expedition with only $40 in cash, a change of clothes and a toothbrush.

  • The Beta Marriage

    The Beta Marriage Drama Romance A professor and contract lawyer work together to draw up and sell a marriage contract that guarantees a happy ending.

  • White Ain’t Right

    White Ain’t Right Drama A white guy is hired to teach African-American studies, Latino studies and Southeast Asian studies in a poverty-ridden a high school. 

  • Divorcateria

    Divorcateria Drama Her own divorce causes an attorney to move her practice from a Century City high-rise to an East Los Angeles washateria.

  • Representación

    Representación Drama Sports Thriller Like many Cuban baseball stars, Adelmo Sarduy dreamed of leaving the communist island for the big money of Major League Baseball. He does make it but not before a harrowing ordeal. He is held for ransom in Mexico while his family members were kept under surveillance and threatened. 

  • Lenin's Body

    Lenin's Body Comedy Crime Other Magic vodka allows two men to steal Lenin’s body the night before it is to be buried. 


    THE SONIC CARHOP Comedy Other Romance Instead of buying movie product placements, why doesn’t Sonic corporation create their own film?

  • Pray for Rain

    Pray for Rain Comedy Other Romance Randy, the young owner of a ranch, in the middle of a serious drought prays for rain. And almost immediately Rain (a Hollywod starlett) appears.

  • Lev, A Moscow Murder Mystery

    Lev, A Moscow Murder Mystery Drama Historical Other A 12 year old autistic boy must solve the murder of the neighbor’s cat, crack the Nazi military code AND travel from Moscow to Leningrad when his father disappears in one of Stalin’s purges.

  • Dersu Uzala Sequel, the Hunter

    Dersu Uzala Sequel, the Hunter Drama Historical Other There are tons of films where cultures collide but what happens when suddenly the cultural wall disappear?

  • Metro2 Moscow

    Metro2 Moscow Action Adventure Drama Historical When the Nazis attempt to win the war by using a mysterious “Portal” device they inadvertently send an elite army of paratroopers and planes, flying through time to present day (2014) Moscow.

  • Leaving Stephenville

    Leaving Stephenville Drama Western Red is a poker-faced professional cattle thief with a soft heart for an unlucky cowboy and a prostitute.

  • An American Werewolf in Moscow

    An American Werewolf in Moscow Drama Horror Romance This screenplay is based on characters created by John Landis for his An American Werewolf in London (1981). There was a sequel An American Werewolf in Paris (1997).

  • The Western Way

    The Western Way Drama Western Two western woman find evasion, blackmail, murder, betrayal, revenge and saddlebags loaded with $40,000.

  • Mosque West of the Pecos

    Mosque West of the Pecos Crime Drama Other What if two Muslim girls disappear from the smallest community in Texas?

  • The Uplifters

    The Uplifters Drama Historical Other Determined not to let the 1920’s Prohibition spoil their fun, a Los Angeles social club dedicated to the uplifting the performing arts, the Uplifters buy a Rustic Canyon ranch. They let their hair down, drank, got naked, cavorted, staged bawdy plays and competed in sporting events.

  • The Baseball Muse

    The Baseball Muse Comedy Romance Sports What happens when the NINE daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne begin following the worst team in baseball, and begin dating TEN of the troubled players?

  • Blow Up the World Cup

    Blow Up the World Cup Action Adventure Drama Other Sci-fi Football fans from 16 nations must ban together to stop a World Cup from an alien invasion. The problem is they don't speak the same language, until...

  • The Bucking Horse

    The Bucking Horse Drama Western A bucking horse invades and seems to control a cowboy’s love life. When successfully riding the horse the cowboy is closer to the rancher’s daughter. But when he is bucked off it brings the ranch manager’s daughter to a boil.

  • Dynamo vs. the Moskva River

    Dynamo vs. the Moskva River Comedy Drama Sports A group of youth chase a football they have kicked into the Moskva river. 

  • translate.google.com

    translate.google.com Comedy Romance Max speaks only English. Marina speaks only Russian. There are a lot of barriers to their romance – the weather, culture, the languages, politics of US-Russians foreign policy, the politics of making a film. However, they have translate.google.com. The translation doesn’t always make things easy but then things aren’t always seamless between men and women from the same cultures.

  • Kodavere and the Nazi Gold

    Kodavere and the Nazi Gold Action Drama In 1944, Nazi gold and diamonds are hidden and then forgotten after several generations in rural Soviet village. In 1985, a criminal gang gets a whiff of treasure and terrorizes the village. Resourceful villagers must repel criminal gang until Soviet authorities arrive.

  • Unterseeboot U-530

    Unterseeboot U-530 Action Adventure Drama War German U-530 did not surrender at World War II's end; instead the crew and passengers headed for Argentina.

  • Sleep Learning

    Sleep Learning Comedy Drama Romance Timothy, a young graduate student with the ability to sleep learn is sabotaged by his live-in girlfriend. As a result of his tampered with sleep learning tapes, he exhibits some strange controversial ideas. Alienated from friends and professors, the graduate student must rescue his academic career with one remaining friend and an eccentric professor.

  • Operation Drumbeat

    Operation Drumbeat Action Drama War A Nazi military force suddenly appears at the Outerbanks N.C. in 2017, hours before a category five hurricane.

  • Alldog

    Alldog Animation Comedy Crime Drama An animated series surrounding a tranformative super-hero dog in the nation’s capital.

  • The Wardrobe

    The Wardrobe Comedy Drama Romance A 20 year old struggling actress is befriended by an 85 year old screen legend with a magic dress collection.

  • Gerasim Petukhov

    Gerasim Petukhov Drama Gerasim saves a bank from robbery, a baby who is falling from an apartment balcony and he saves the President of Russia from being assassinated and then promptly disappears.

  • 12 Gauge Wedding

    12 Gauge Wedding Comedy Drama Romance A dirt road beauty queen is forced in to a shot-gun marriage with young boy, but they grow into love and it is a false alarm.

  • Long Term Care

    Long Term Care Comedy Crime Drama Romance Janet’s mother has Alzheimer’s disease. While driving her mother to a long-term-care residence, Janet Kilmeade finds $1.2 million

  • The Yankee

    The Yankee Drama Sports A group of young boys in Mexico travel to confront a national hero and professional baseball player about his drinking and womanizing.

  • The Russian Fairy Tale Security Bureau

    The Russian Fairy Tale Security Bureau Comedy Drama Fantasy Sci-fi An elite team of Russian security forces defend the population from fairy tale incursions. This Russian film is something like a Men In Black meets Red Riding Hood. 

  • Mad Rivers Sane

    Mad Rivers Sane Drama Historical Romance A young official in the Soviet government (Alik) comes to a Volga river city to oversee the completion of a dam. He delicately manages the eviction of an elderly hero (Liliya) from her home on an island. Alik’s love affair with Liliya’s widowed granddaughter is at the center of the story. This is the human side of Stalin’s hydroelectric dam on the Volga. 

  • Hungry Duck Moscow Russia

    Hungry Duck Moscow Russia Drama Other Romance Moscow’s Hungry Duck bar was for a few brief years in the late 1990s the planet’s craziest and most infamous bar.

  • Rumours of Fahran and the Taliban in Afghanistan

    Rumours of Fahran and the Taliban in Afghanistan Action Adventure Drama War This is a film about fate and free will, a wrongly accused man meets his executioners. The condemned, Fahran, insists that he’s innocent, but fails to convince his Taliban captors. Set in the Eastern mountains of Afghanistan.

  • High Lies & Low Puns

    High Lies & Low Puns Comedy Romance A small-town Texas girl suddenly finds herself in the World Pun Off Competition. A small-town Texas girl in search of a better life discovers an untapped skill for puns that might just take her farther than she ever expected. This is a contemporary romantic comedy. 

  • Midland Texas, Young Muslims and Baseball

    Midland Texas, Young Muslims and Baseball Comedy Drama Other A young Muslim boy in Midland Texas must negotiate the fine line between his uncle's brand of terrorism and his love for baseball.

  • God Explains The Creation

    God Explains The Creation Drama Experimental Fantasy Other Sci-fi Thriller God works in a high rise building with all the modern communication tools — email, staff, press releases, and ad agency and cell phones. In this film, God is and always has been a modern day CEO. God, Inc. has several divisions. The Creation division is divided into three departments — “Orthogenesis” (goal-directed creation), “nomogenesis” (creation according to fixed law), “emergent creation” and “creative evolution.” While many believers think that the Creation division was closed after seven days, it is open and employees are working 24/7.

  • China’s Ambassador In Moscow

    China’s Ambassador In Moscow Comedy Drama Romance Comedy-drama about a widowed Russian president and the Chinese Ambassador who fall in love. It’s all-legitimate foreign policy, but “politics is perception” and sparks fly anyway.

  • Gelert and the Last Dog Show

    Gelert and the Last Dog Show Drama Fantasy Sci-fi Set at an apocalyptic dog show, a dwarf and his professional handler mentor learn the value of pure-bred dogs and are thrust into a gargantuan effort to save them. The Station Agent x Zombieland at a dog show.

  • Greener Grass Corporation

    Greener Grass Corporation Comedy Drama Romance This film is about sex at the office. Main character is a man, relatively normal in all aspects. However he notices something odd in the city’s business climate. Corporation B is the place to be. But Corporation A is where our main character is employed. Too bad, until... 

  • Soldier, Sailor, Mermaid, Spy

    Soldier, Sailor, Mermaid, Spy Comedy Drama War A Russian soldier, Ukrainian sailor, Mermaid and an American spy are all thrust into one confusing and comical battle on the Black Sea. 

  • Checkmate, the game of Chess

    Checkmate, the game of Chess Comedy Romance Helene is single in Greenwich Village and she is learning to play the game of Chess. Magically, each time she wins a chess game, she meets a really handsome and eligible bachelor who is romantically interested in her. Conversely, when she loses a chess game she meets an obnoxious loser. 

  • Black Dolphin Prison

    Black Dolphin Prison Comedy Crime Drama A successful and popular young Moscow film director is mistakenly sent to Russia’s most famous prison – the Black Dolphin.

  • Shot Kill Run Hide

    Shot Kill Run Hide Crime Drama Other War In the winter of 1981, there was a monumental amount of violence in the Kirov forest.

  • Bolshoy Beryozovy

    Bolshoy Beryozovy Crime Drama Other War In the summer of 2008, the five dollar bill was redesigned and the United States government sent $176 million in the new design on a military transport plane to Saint Petersburg. The money never arrived.

  • Moscow Rocks

    Moscow Rocks Comedy Drama Music Musical An all girl rock band in Moscow protests boredom with guerrilla concerts and runs into the anti-musical Russian security forces. Think "Pussy Riot" meets the Russian FSB (Federal Security Bureau).

  • The Garden of Eden

    The Garden of Eden Drama Fantasy Sci-fi What happens to a group of friends when they stumble across what they believe is the Garden of Eden in the most inhospitable places on Earth -- Chernobyl Ukraine?

  • Moscow Vampires Are Lesbians

    Moscow Vampires Are Lesbians Drama Romance Sci-fi There are 200 female vampires world-wide and 180 are in Moscow. The capital of Russia seems to be a Mecca for vampire lesbians.   Three female vampires become the best of friends and the worse of enemies. There is woman from Tsarist Russia, Anastasia. There is a Soviet era woman, Natalia. And there is a modern Russian woman, Anna.  Casting and costuming may make or break this film. 

  • English to Russian

    English to Russian Comedy Romance Eddie is a drunken cowboy from Texas.  As a joke Eddie's friends put him in a coffin and ship him to Russia. When he arrives with no passport, no money and no idea what is going on, his only hope is the friendship of a failed female comedian. Roxanna a Russian comedian begins to take advantage of Eddia by making humorous translation errors on purpose. It is funny, and Eddie doesn't seem to mind. Their stand-up comedy routine is a huge hit.  Eddie is the straight-man. He is the American foil. She is the sword until she goes a step to far. 

  •  Russia’s Mistress

    Russia’s Mistress Crime Drama Is it possible to kill the mistress of the President of Russia, and get away with it? Well, it depends on who you are!

  • Pyotr Alexeyevich the Vampire Slayer

    Pyotr Alexeyevich the Vampire Slayer Drama Fantasy Sci-fi Peter and his mentally retarded brother Ivan V are soon co-Tzars. But Ivan has been ruined by the vampires (bitten only twice) not made into a vampire but useless to Russia. Peter learns of the vampires as a young boy of ten. Peter wants to know what is wrong with Ivan, who would sit for hours without moving. Nikita Zotov, a trusted advisor and teacher, explains to him. The primary enemy of the monarchy are three broods of vampires — one in the North, one in the South and one in the Streltsy.

  • Film School

    Film School Crime Drama Two film school graduates agree to launder money for the mafia. The arrangement enables them to make films, as opposed to waiting tables.  Everything is fine until they create an international blockbuster film, and the mafia now want what they claim is "their money". 

  • The Sharpie

    The Sharpie Comedy Drama When mysterious scenes begin appearing on Hollywood bathroom walls, the industry experiences out-of-control speculation. Leaving people with the question, “Can a man with only a Sharpie marker make it in Hollywood?”

  • The Two Pyotrs

    The Two Pyotrs Comedy Drama The mild mannered and "weak" President of Russia is injured when a hammer falls at a construction site and for two weeks thinks he is Peter the Great. Strangely it works out in the Russian national interest.

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