Loglines & Screenplays by Wendy Wilkins

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GENRES: Sci-fi, Drama


Estranged first cousins battle each other for control of their small, dying American town but when their real enemy returns to seek revenge against them, they must come together to fight or have their town, their heritage and their ancestral home with a secret time travel portal wiped from the earth.

One More Day

GENRES: War, Drama

One More Day

When the second American revolution starts in Los Angeles, quick thinking reality show producer Kirby Lewis unites her Hollywood neighbors to protect their complex from the chaos, becoming a reluctant leader of the resistance against a homegrown fringe group fighting to overthrow the U.S. government.


GENRES: Comedy


In a desperate move, a middle-aged Filipino-American man kidnaps a rich, middle-aged white lady thinking she’s his only option to thwarting his mother’s deportation but quickly regrets his actions when she proves to be no helpless victim.

Where The Men Are

GENRES: Comedy, Romance

In an homage to the great Spring Break movie ‘Where The Boys Are,’ after discovering her fiancée is gay, Merritt York runs away with her thirty-something girlfriends to Daytona Beach, Florida where they stumble hard in trying to reclaim a missed youthful adventure only to discover that what’s really missing in their lives is really, much closer to home.

Backseat Debutantes

GENRES: Drama, Independent

Three middle-aged, former tenacious colorguard champion best friends are forced to examine the lives they ended up with instead of the lives they wished for.

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