Loglines & Screenplays by Bruce Kolinski

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Home is Where the Jail Is

GENRES: Drama, Comedy

Wealthy retired railroad worker, 70-year old Eric James, wakes up one morning to find his railroad retirement funds vacated in a major corporate bankruptcy. With no social security, unable to pay property tax on his paid for home of fifty years, he sells his boat, RV, tools, furniture and finally his car, but at the end of his rope, he's evicted and his home auctioned off. Ineligible for Social Security, disability, welfare or other government programs; unable to buy groceries, clothes or medicine, living on the street, he decides the last alternative to impotence is jail - but with 10,000 Baby Boomers per day turning 65, he's just one among many with the same brainstorm. How a decent person with a work ethic gets a more or less warm bed and three meals a day in jail is not as easy as it looks.


GENRES: Thriller

Feature film about a chick trucker and husband innocently upsetting Global Syndicate agendas when a lethal virus (Machupo) is released in San Francisco, pitting an expedited cross-country, anti-viral load delivery against rogue intelligence service assets.


GENRES: Thriller

Sequel to MACHUPO.

Truck driver, John Cain, having lost his loving wife, Rachel and beautiful, innocent daughter, Tess - not to mention witnessing thousands, millions actually across the globe starved, tortured and murdered for depraved Network greed has degenerated from middle class husband and dad to feral hunter of Elite dynastic family members who behind the scenes, control world governments through their interlocked banking, energy, narcotics, arms, media and organized crime monopolies. One by one, Cain gives each a chance to defend themselves, reminding them of opium, wars and horror they inflict on Main Street people from their sacrosanct, mahogany ensconced clubs and boardrooms... brutally beating each one to death with scarred, bloody fists, smothering exclusive northeastern estates of the inbred, privileged Elite under a dark blanket of stark, visceral terror.

Minister and Deacon

GENRES: Thriller

Cynical gambler attracted to irresponsible women is asked to marry two good friends, becomes a $20 Minister online; ordains his indica loving, younger brother as Deacon, stumbles into a spiritual awakening, and now, guiding his tiny new flock places our new Minister in possession of information CIA assets prefer not be floating around.

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