Loglines & Screenplays by Mike Blue Polaski

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Pillars of Glass

GENRES: Action, Fantasy, Sci-fi, War

When Alex Ehlinger, a senior student, witnesses his boarding school attacked at the onset of a military coup, he enlists a group of strangers to aid him in defending the fractured republic, against his former teacher in order to ultimately reestablish harmony no matter the cost.

An Atonement

GENRES: Drama, Film-noir, Mystery, Thriller

After an experienced welder arrives at a great loss with the death of his wife and daughter, he is helped by his friends in coming to terms with their deaths, the law, and the grey line between justice and vengeance.


GENRES: Drama, Thriller

The Department of Human Services makes a welfare check of a young child under the assumption he is physically abused by his father. After moving Danny out of the home is it realized the man thought as Danny's father was not who he seemed.

Next Stop

GENRES: Sci-fi

A man regains consciousness in an open air bar, unknowing who he was or how he got there. After making friends with the other patrons, he soon realizes it was only a layover to where he would spend eternity.

The Chemelon

GENRES: Crime, Thriller

A detective Is hot on the trail of triple murder when he finds the world is for more complex than he could ever want to know, and the truth that benefactors of evidence are not always the law.

Code Word

GENRES: Action, Sci-fi

A firefighter investigating the bombing of an empty school bus determines the evidence does not match that of the police and government investigation into terrorism. Realizing he is alone in his report, he determines the false flag operation was one he planted before his memory was erased.


GENRES: Horror, Thriller

After one person fall ill at a party, a group of friends goes to their local emergency room to make sure they are all in top health. One by one they are admitted, and one by one they disappear.

Aquainted with the night

GENRES: Horror, Thriller

Based on the Robert Frost poem of the same title, One man comes to terms with the terrors of his mind after his wife was attacked outside a fundraising gala and learns the word night is much more than a time of day.

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