Sarah Gabrielle Baron

Sarah Gabrielle Baron

Screenwriter in Toronto, Canada

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A traumatized cop gathers on on the old family farm with his siblings to witness the death of their abusive father.

Occupy This


Radicalized teenagers spark a worldwide Occupy the Forest revolution.

Heaven's Earth - feature

GENRES: Sci-fi

When an arrogant college student creates Artificial Life in the world of online gaming, humanity's pastime becomes our worst nightmare.

Atomic Heights - feature

GENRES: Action, Sci-fi

Fifteen years after the fall of civilization, survivalist teenagers battle radioactive mutants on snowmobiles.

Roots of Magic - feature

GENRES: Family, Fantasy

Young elf warriors take to the surface on their mission: befriend a child, then betray that bond to spread madness and take over the Earth. Will Wylie and Simon's friendship overcome a millennium of evil spells?



A depressed modern-day wizard is manipulated by covens of witches, armies of elves, and clouds of fairies. Griffin holds the fate of humanity in his hands, but does he care?

Sword in the Tree - Television

GENRES: Drama, Historical

1190 Hospitallar knight discovers a forbidden Christian text and must use it to prevent the Northern Crusades from destroying the pagan people, and the pagan woman, he's come to love.

The Other War - Television mini-series

GENRES: Drama, Fantasy, Historical

In the backdrop to the war of 1812, aboriginal shape-shifters battle an ancient vampiric cult.

Big Fattie's Greenie (short)

GENRES: Independent

The life story of a fentanyl patch...

Her Forest Temple (short)

GENRES: Thriller

The gypsy can not escape the scream in her mind, as it is the harbinger of her imminent death...

Senses (short)

GENRES: Independent, Drama

A blind cellist escapes her mental prison to discover she has hidden talents...

hungry (short)

GENRES: Independent

A mid-US teen is driven to extremes because there's never any food in his home.

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