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Devin Hamilton

Actor, Camera Operator, Casting Director, Cinematographer, Content Creator, Director, Director of Development, Director of Operations, Director of Photography, Editor, Filmmaker, Screenwriter, Stage Director, Theatre Director, Videographer, Voice Actor and Voice Artist

Woodland Hills, Los Angeles County, California

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About Devin

Born and raised in North Carolina, Devin Hamilton has been a film buff most of his life. He started out in high school as an actor and writer of school plays. While still a junior and senior in high school, he won two first place awards in he Charlotte Writing Contest. Hamilton graduated from the University of North Carlina in Greensboro, Cum Laude in 1992 with a Bachelor's Degree in Film and Video Production.

During his college years, he made a handful of short films, first of which is 'Soyna Steel' which starred two friends, Karen Smith and Michael Vance, which was followed by 'Jackie.' As a senior, he made a 16mm short in 1991 titled 'A Taste of Beauty' which is a horror short featuring his long-time friend Holly Riley.

After his college years, he settled in New York and founded a production company called '12 Bad Movies of Christmas'. He also recently co-directed the made-for-video horror flick Bleed (2002) which starred Debbie Rochon.


  • Bang Bang Theory of Everything

    Bang Bang Theory of Everything (2015)
    Film (short) by Devin Hamilton (Comedy) Director, Editor

  • 12 Days a Stripper

    12 Days a Stripper (2014)
    Film (short) by Devin Hamilton (Comedy) Actor, Director, Editor, Cinematographer The 2014 Toscars spoof of "12 Years a Slave"

  • Shut Up and Kiss Me

    Shut Up and Kiss Me (2010)
    Film by Devin Hamilton (Comedy and Romance) Director, Editor, Producer A modern day take on the trials and tribulations of dating. We follow Ben as he faces the world of dating as a 35 year old who is looking for more then sex. After testing out different routes and adventures, he stumbles across Grey. The chemistry between the two is instant, but what happens when you meet someone who doesn't share the same beliefs about relationships that you do? This funny and touching film touches on relevant topics in today's society including sexual monogamy, Serodiscordant relationships and can someone really have it all? Written by Ronnie Kerr, this film is an autobiographical look at his life. Written by George Smith

  • Delta Delta Die!

    Delta Delta Die! (2003)
    Video by Devin Hamilton (Horror) Director, Writer At Delta Delta Pi, a small college sorority, the house mother Marilyn Finch teaches her girls to practice cannibalism and they lure unsuspecting men to their lair to kill and eat them and the Dean helps cover up for them. One student suspects sinister stuff going on and contacts Rhonda Cooper, a former Delta, to help expose the sinister cannibal sorority. Written by Anonymous

  • Birth Rite

    Birth Rite (2003)
    Video by Devin Hamilton (Horror and Thriller) Director, Writer On her 18th birthday, Rebecca meets a mysterious man with magical powers. Roman, the warlock, shows her how her parents were murdered and bestows upon her the Sacred Amulet that is her birth rite. As she delves into the black arts of witchcraft, her adopted sister, Erin, fights to save her soul from the evil that has possessed her. It all ends in a showdown of good and evil as Erin and Roman battle for Rebecca. Written by Anonymous

  • Dark Walker

    Dark Walker (2003)
    Video by Danny Draven (Horror and Sci-Fi) Miscellaneous Crew, Producer Darkwalker centers around a haunted house amusement park near Fresno, Californa called Hobb's Grove (yes, it's a real place), where a group of teenagers get Halloween jobs working there. What they don't know is the land the attraction was built on has a bloody history. They soon realize they are in for more than just a Halloween job, when one by one they start dying off. soon they find a monsterous creature called, DARK WALKER, has risen to take vengence on the trespassing patrons. Written by Katatonia

  • Bleed

    Bleed (2002)
    Video by Dennis Petersen (Drama, Horror and Thriller) Actor, Director, Writer Haunted by nightmares. Plagued by a past that won't go away. When Maddy goes to a party with her new boyfriend, Shawn, she only wants to meet his friends and have a good time. They tell her about their 'Murder Club' and invite her to join. Confused but intrigued, Maddy really wants to be part of the group. Before she can join, though, the 'Murder Club' members are being killed off, one by one. Who can be trusted? Can the killer be stopped? Or will they all bleed? Written by Devin Hamilton

  • Trancers 6

    Trancers 6 (2002)
    Video by Jay Woelfel (Action, Horror and Sci-Fi) Actor, Camera and Electrical Department In a return to the groundbreaking original film's premise, Jack Deth is back - traveling back in time and into the body of his own daughter, Josephine, on a mission to save her life and save the world from the most lethal Trancers yet. Jack/Jo must adapt and survive being a girl while avoiding many assassination attempts by more powerful and dangerous zombie-like Trancers than he's ever faced before in the series. With his new friends, his new enemies and a new female hero are set to take Trancers into the next century for both the planet and Full Moon Pictures. Written by Wallace Entertainment

  • Hell Asylum

    Hell Asylum (2002)
    Video by Danny Draven (Horror) Actor, Miscellaneous Crew "Chill Challenge" is a reality TV program with a simple idea: Five sexy models must spend the night in a haunted old building towalk away with a cool million bucks!

  • Killjoy 2: Deliverance from Evil

    Killjoy 2: Deliverance from Evil (2002)
    Video by Tammi Sutton (Fantasy and Horror) Actor, Miscellaneous Crew En route to a run-down shelter they are set to renovate as community service, a group of juvenile delinquents and the two chaperones accompanying them run into a minor set-back when their bus breaks down. When trying to find a phone, one of the teens is shot, and the group finds shelter with a voodoo priestess. While trying to use voodoo to save their friend, two of the teens accidentally unleash the evil spirit known as Killjoy. Written by Edward Robins <>

  • Dead & Rotting

    Dead & Rotting (2002)
    Video by David P. Barton (Horror and Mystery) Miscellaneous Crew Three prankster buddies release the wrath of an aged witch, Abigail, when they unwittingly become accomplices to the murder of her son. Scheming in anger, the witch seduces the three friends and then uses the men's own ill-born spawn to destroy them. Death and rot are left in the wake... Written by David P. Barton director, DEAD & ROTTING

  • Witchouse 3: Demon Fire

    Witchouse 3: Demon Fire (2001)
    Video by J.R. Bookwalter (Horror) Miscellaneous Crew Annie, a timid young woman in an abusive relationship, flees to the safety of a beach house occupied by two old friends, Stevie and Rose.

  • Demonicus

    Demonicus (2001)
    Film by Jay Woelfel (Horror) Camera and Electrical Department James is possessed by the spirit of a gladiator and slaughters his friends to bring the gladiator back from the dead.

  • Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV

    Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV (2000)
    Film by Lloyd Kaufman (Comedy, Horror and Sci-Fi) Actor When the notorious Diaper Mafia take hostage the Tromaville School for the Very Special, only the Toxic Avenger and his morbidly obese sidekick Lardass can save Tromaville. However, an explosion results in some unforeseeable consequences, creating a dimensional tear between Tromaville and its dimensional mirror image, Amortville. While the Toxic Avenger (Toxie) is trapped in Amortville, Tromaville comes under the control of Toxie's evil doppelganger, the Noxious Offender (Noxie). Will Toxie return to Tromaville in time to stop Noxie's rampage or is he doomed to remain a second-class citizen in Amortville forever? How did Toxie's wife Sarah become pregnant with two babies from two different fathers? Will Tito ever get over his teen angst and become a productive member of society? Written by Doug Sakmann

  • Killjoy

    Killjoy (2000)
    Video by Craig Ross Jr. (Fantasy and Horror) Miscellaneous Crew Three youngsters encounter an evil clown.

  • Terror Firmer

    Terror Firmer (1999)
    Film by Lloyd Kaufman (Comedy, Horror and Thriller) Actor This is the story of a low budget film crew, led by their blind film director, Larry Benjamin (Lloyd Kaufman/co-founder of Troma Inc.), trying to make some art. In addition to the typical trials and travails of a Troma set, the crew finds themselves set upon by a sexually conflicted, bomb bearing serial killer. Production assistant Jennifer (enchanting Alyce LaTourelle) struggles to succeed on set and to decide between the two men in her life - straitlaced Casey (Will Keenan) and over the edge Jerry (Trent Haaga). This threesome heats up as the killer draws even nearer. As the insanity increases and the bodies amass, the crew bands together (both physically and sexually) against the threat in their midst. Written by Sujit R. Varma

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