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Loglines & Screenplays by James B Brandt

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R.A.T...S. (Retired Actors of Texas)

GENRES: Comedy

A devious Green Energy producer wants to take over Prof. Harold Hill's Actor's Rest Home for a wind farm. A group of actors who are living out their favorite parts (The Lone Ranger, Sherlock Homes, Princess Leah, The Mayor of Munchkin and so on) accidentally rob a bank while trying to raise the funds to buy up the mortgage. It goes crazy from there.

There Are No Cows in Hong Kong

GENRES: Action, Adventure, Crime

Cop Action - that is detailed below. A Texas Ranger goes to Hong Kong to visit his brother and gets caught up in an organized crime plot to kidnap the brother and to pry out the secret of a new technology he has developed for a Chinese company. Suddenly, a Texas cowboy finds himself knee deep in critters and not a cow in sight.

CARROT (formerly I Married a Bitch)

GENRES: Action, Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Horror, Romance

When a person is bitten by a werewolf and lives he turns into a werewolf on the full moon. But when a dog is bitten by a werewolf and lives, it is nonstop laugh. Carrot becomes a people just in time to save her family from a schemer who makes Cruella DeVille in 101 Dalmatians seem tame.

Vault of Power

GENRES: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Sword and Sorcery - The captain of the King's Guard sets out with an unlikely band to uncover a sorcerer's plot to unleash the power of the ancients.

The ToyMaker

GENRES: Not selected

A divorced writer becomes intrigued by a toy he purchased for his son and seeks to do an article on the Toy Maker. He steps into nightmare when he crosses a group of aliens on the same quest. Unexpected ending. The novel was finished this past February.

minor crimes

GENRES: Action, Adventure, Crime, Sci-fi

Two LA cops in the New Republic of California stumble into a smuggling ring and are saved by a street urchin they befriended. According to Lang Elliot, formerly with Tri-Star, this is a relationship film using martial arts and a futuristic setting for the backdrop.

Winner Takes All

GENRES: Horror, Sci-fi, Thriller

Hazelton has entered into an agreement with an Egyptian Snake Goddess to help eliminate people who are sources of chaos in exchange for her help in killing some high-profile, politically-connected thugs who ruined his father. When he asks her to take out the White House Chief of Staff, her price is stiff... but the virgin she adds to the mix just might be too much for Hazelton to handle/

Whatever It Takes

GENRES: Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama

A group of construction workers set out to rescue the boss' son when his cargo plane is hijacked to be used in a drug smuggling operation. Ensemble cast.

Outpost Seven

GENRES: Not selected

A spoiled aristocrat must learn to govern his father's barony during an intergalactic war - and finds love on the edge of the Empire. The novel was released in 2001 http://bookstore.iuniverse.com/Products/SKU-000011370/Outpost-Seven.aspx

River Run

GENRES: Horror, Sci-fi, Thriller

When a couple of college students wander away from their field trip group and venture into a area they were told was taboo by the local tribal leaders, they unwittingly wake up the Guardians... who are determined that the Secret of the Tablets remains hidden and they methodically attempt to ensure none of the kids will reach safety alive.


GENRES: Action, Adventure, Crime

Islamic terrorist cells have united and are supplied by ex-IRA members. THOMAS BRADY, a notorious IRA enforcer now working for Britain's Special Branch, is tasked to find the force behind the violence. He is too well-known among the IRA so he enlists the help of his goddaughter, MEGAN AIDEEN... a woman who hates him.

The Bitter Fruit

GENRES: Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller

CRISTINE MARBELLA, a mixed Filipina/American student living with her half-sister while in college, is brutally gang-raped. Terrified that the boys will keep their promise to repeat the assault, afraid to talk to the police, ashamed of herself, she decides to eliminate the threat - decisively.

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