Loglines & Screenplays by Martin John Solloway

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Love at the Core

GENRES: Not selected

Wales will be destroyed by a super volcano, unless a beautiful scientist can tunnel into it. She must also choose between her two lovers: placid, ex-coal miner, David and dashing, playboy adventurer, Ralf.

Merlin’s Paradox

GENRES: Not selected

A beautiful mathematician seeks her lost child and unlocks an ancient power hidden in the mountains, springs and standing stones of Wales. It could be the DA VINCI CODE with a Welsh accent.

Lord Owen’s Lady

GENRES: Not selected

The mismatched love of an Indian woman and a Welsh nobleman shows that, while love may conquer all, on the streets of modern Britain, fairy tales take effort.


GENRES: Not selected

How quickly can you mess up someone’s life? Within seconds, if you push them under a train or bus. But if you are not allowed to kill them, what then? If you could control their words and actions, how long would it take to screw up their world so badly that they would rather jump to their death than live on with free will? Don’t you know? Perhaps you have never given it any thought. Well that’s too bad, because your time starts now and, if you can’t do it, you’re the next puppet.

The Price

GENRES: Not selected

Do you remember your fifth birthday, when you blew out your candles? Can you recall that party when you were sixteen and wished to catch the eye of the hottest one in the room? Will you ever forget what you whispered as you sat at that hospital bedside? You got it. You did it. You cherish it. Time to pay the price! Don’t just be careful what you wish for. Be careful what you wish to.


GENRES: Not selected

Imagine, for a moment, that God is real. Not just the God of Sunday School, but the fire and brimstone God of Noah and Moses. While we are at it, why not consider the gods of the Greeks, the Japanese and the Aztecs? Richard Dawkins is having a really bad day because they’re back, all of them. It’s time to pray, but choose carefully. You can’t hide and it’s a god eat god world out there.

Parallel Hell

GENRES: Not selected

It was a home like yours or mine, but a few ordinary people turned it into their very own Hell – a ‘bring your own sin’ psychological drama that reworks the blood-soaked haunted house.

The Virgin's Demon

GENRES: Historical, Horror, Romance

A demon and girl, trapped together by lust and murder for 888 years, battle to be freed by a young team of ghost hunters, over one night of terror and awakening in the church of St Mary the Virgin.

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