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Miroslav Trcak (born on January 26th, 1984) in a small village in province of Vojvodina, Serbia, and originally from Baranja, Croatia is an upcoming screenwriter and assistant director. Miroslav set his foot into the film industry back in 2015 when he wrote his first ever script titled "The Kinslayer" inspired by the classic zombie/vampire movies. Up until now, he wrote eight scripts more, mostly in horror genre and sub-genre and fantasy adventure.

Starting December 2021, Miroslav continues his work and commences to work for a German production company "Dream Team Pictures", under a precise eye of the producer /director Vjekoslav Katusin. During the last eight months, Miroslav wrote three scripts: "Champion" (boxing drama), "Devil's Work" (horror mystery), and last but not the least "Wrongful Death" (thriller, mystery).

"Wrongful Death" is scheduled to go into filming in January 2023, and it will star two big Hollywood veterans Eric Roberts and Michael Pare, accompanied by some new and promising stars such as Raquel Montes, Isabella Brenza and Jenny Paris.

"Once you go down the writer's path, you'll unlikely ever want to go back!"

Unique traits: Agile and responsible. An all-time nerd. Good friend and caring son. THE CREATOR



    THE MORTAL ENIGMA Budget: $30M+ | Horror When a group of Reality Contestants enters a new Supernatural Show, only the bravest survive at the hands of the Grim Reaper for the prize of Immortality.


    THE QUEEN'S CURSE Budget: $30M+ | Adventure Fantasy After her world turns upside-down, a soon-to-be Queen must endure her birth curse by remaining the fairest of all, before her Witch mother destroys her life at any cost.


    DAMIEN (The Creation) - THE KINSLAYER PREQUEL Budget: $0 - $100K | Horror After he loses his only source of happiness, a devastated man sells his soul to the undead species which turn him into humans' worst nightmare on his way to the revenge. 

  • THE KINSLAYER (The Zombire Siege)

    THE KINSLAYER (The Zombire Siege) Budget: $10M - $30M | Horror Thriller Ressurected from the dead, a roughneck ex-SWAT dives deep into the hive of evil to slay their diabolical overlord, a bloodthirsty perpetrator of an unjust Faustian deal.         

  • THE KINSLAYER II (The Mother of the Undead)

    THE KINSLAYER II (The Mother of the Undead) Budget: $10M - $30M | Thriller Horror Finding out that their mission is not yet completed, our heroes face potential imminent death by confronting the evil unleashed by the MHZ-666 virus which can turn all of them into bloody andravenous creatures.  NOTE:  MHZ-666 stands for Motherhood Zombire-666


    THE SILVER CURSE Budget: $100K - $1M | Mystery Thriller When the Curse starts taking lives of her beloved ones, a brave private detective digs deep into the past in order to reverse and destroy the Curse, all the way passing through a mental nightmare on the way to the truth and their own salvation


    THE CIRCLE OF THE EMPIRE Budget: $10M - $30M | Thriller Frustrated with his life, a rebel man with built-in artificial intelligence immerses behind the curtain oflies, determined to debunk the great money laundering and stop the mysterious human disappearance. 


    SIX DAYS Budget: $1M - $5M | Thriller Horror On the tenth anniversary of his father's death, a grieving son performs an occult ritual tocontact his father, but accidentally invokes Lucifer and asks him instead for liberation fromremorse. But, there is a price.    

  • THE DEADLIGHTS (a spec script for the IT prequel)

    THE DEADLIGHTS (a spec script for the IT prequel) Budget: $30M+ | Sci-fi Horror In the world of the early nineties, after the ravenous force from another dimension possesses thepoor and naïve man’s soul, a group of fearless rebel kids must face and destroy that force onlyby using the power of their minds before It makes them shine. NOTE: This script was a product of my eternal love and appreciation for Stephen King and Pennywise's character in general. It is not for sale and it won't be. Unless Warner Bros asks me to do it or to write it down based on their idea.  So, this is just a passion product.


    THE BAT BRIDE Budget: $0 - $100K | Horror When the horrible mythical creature starts consuming human souls and eating the unborn babies, the businessman determined to save his family risks his life to vanquish the monster and send it back to Hell before it consumes them all.



    DEVIL'S WORK (2024 - 2025)
    Film by Dream Team Pictures (Horror and Mystery) screenwriter, 1st assistant director When a couple, traveling on their vacation, meet a desperate girl seeking for her missing sister, they encounter with unspeakable terror and end up as hostages for a sick, bizarre and sadistic twisted mind family led by their deformed monster son


    WRONGFUL DEATH (2022 - 2023)
    Film by Dream Team Pictures (Thriller) Screenwriter, 1st assistant director Captured inside the darkness of the strange designed room, a bribed narcissistic journalist and a mean sinful woman learn the hardest way that the truth cannot be buried in the ground forever and that what begins quite harmlessly, ends in a cruel game of life and death.


    THE CHAMPION (2022)
    Film by Dream Team Pictures screenwriter


  • Northwestern University of Chicago

  • High Agricultural School

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