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Nelson Christian Amador

Screenwriter, Author, Director and Producer

Maple Valley, Washington

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About Nelson

Hey guys I'm Nelson. I'm from Seattle, Washington and I really love to write movie scripts and I love to write books. And I also love to make Youtube videos as well.

As a screenwriter I love to take on my different franchises and put my own spin on them and look for ways to improve them and make them better. I'm also a proud child of the 90's and I have seen many different movies and I have a lot of favorite movies. And then I also love to play video games and I also like to hangout with friends as well.

Unique traits: Fast Typer,



  • Zero Zero One: A Crystal Ball of Dreams

    Zero Zero One: A Crystal Ball of Dreams Budget: $30M+ | Action Mystery In Edmonds, Washington in fall of 1976, a young boy with high functioning autism name Alex Aussmen is thrown out of Lynnwood High School because of failing grades and with no sign of social development. Alex ends up running away from his parents and stumbles upon an antique store where he meets Emily Romney who is a fortune teller and a former social worker during the JFK administration and she sees a lot of potential in Alex to be undercover secret agent. Alex gets adopted by Emily and starts training him to be a secret agent. Alex’s first mission is to stop a group of communist thugs from blowing up Seattle Center and Seattle, Washington and has to stop them before they blow up the city using a crystal ball bomb.

  • Tim's Strange World

    Tim's Strange World Budget: $10M - $30M | Comedy Fantasy An Asian American Teenager from Issaquah, Washington finds out that he is not going to his dream school at the University of Washington and is going to UCLA instead. He also finds out that he has another brother that looks nothing like him that his parents never told him about Intel now. He meets a lot of new strange friends and learns how to accept new people even if they are strange and crazy.

  • Ace Ventura: Miami Assault

    Ace Ventura: Miami Assault Budget: $30M+ | Action Crime A sophomore college student from the University of Miami goes from studying to be a police officer to becoming a private animal and pet detective. Ace also has to rescue his girlfriend Jessica Monroe and rescue her dog from the evil Frank Tingles and his evil henchmen name Marco Claro. With the help of Max Vandinga and Melissa Robinson, Ace puts his police officer and detective skills and love for animals to the test and rescue Jessica and her dog before Tingles floods the city of Miami with a water flooding weapon and also stop him before he poisons a lot of beauitful and stunning college girls with dog DNA and with make up with poison inside of it.  

  • Inspector Gadget Orgins

    Inspector Gadget Orgins Budget: $30M+ | Action Crime A Young man from Ohio State University gets his body blown up and gets taken to the hospital and gets a lot of metal and gadgets into body. The Young man goes from nerdy college student to a Cleveland police department inspector with gadgets in his body and goes after an evil and crazy man with gray hair who calls himself "Dr.Claw"

  • Samurai Jack: The Professor Utonium Story

    Samurai Jack: The Professor Utonium Story Budget: $30M+ | Action Sci-fi A College student from New York City gets infected chemical X and gets trained by a magical emperor in Japan. And he becomes not only a undercover CIA agent, but he also becomes the warrior known as Samurai Jack and he has stop Aku before Aku destroys New York City with his dark magic.  

  • Austin Powers: God Save The King & Queen

    Austin Powers: God Save The King & Queen Budget: $30M+ | Action Mystery A British College student who lives with his father that use to be an MI6 agent, teams with another crazy and wild student name Basil. And the 2 young men build a secret agency known as Basil Exception. And need to take down an evil and crazy robot and fembot creator name Richard Wheeler.   

  • The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

    The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time Budget: $30M+ | Action Fantasy A Boy from the forest runs away and he goes to the Land of Hyrule and meets Princess Zelda and learns about the tri force and goes on a huge quest for the spiritual stones and chamber of sages medallions. Link has to get all of these things to defeat Gannondorf and make Hyrule a great land again.      

  • The Teenagers With Attuide

    The Teenagers With Attuide Budget: $30M+ | Action Sci-fi A Young boy name Jason Scott and his family move to Angel Grove, CA. Jason is a very shy and quite but a very strong teenager and has a very good heart. Jason is quickly at Angel Groove High School is a loner but he quickly makes friends with Billy Cranston and Trini Kwan. And also catches the eye of popular girl Kimberly Hart as well. But as Jason runs away from his new school after a bully incident, Jason goes to a river in the woods and he falls down off a cliff. Jason's new friends try to save him but they sink down and they are chosen by the spirits of ancient dinosaurs. Jason and his new friends meet Zordon and Alpha 5 and learn that Rita Repulsa wants to destroy Earth just like how she destroyed the dinosaurs many years ago. Jason and his friends don't believe him at first, but trouble really starts Rita attacks 4 different Angel Groove Police officers and also attacks 5 different buildings in Los Angeles, CA. Also at the same time, Rita uses her dark and evil magic and she turns 3 students name Peter Rubinsen, Miles Aikmen, and Angela that bully Jason and the rest of the kids and she turns them into Goldar, Scorpina, and King Sphinx monster as well. They even mange to kidnap Jason's love interest name Emily. Jason and his new friends must use their morphers and stop Rita and her monsters and become the Mighty Moprphin Power Rangers and save the world from her dark and evil spell.          


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