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By Mista Martel

GENRE: Comedy, Drama

An aspiring artist anxiously prepares for the first day of her dream job at comics publishing company, only to discover that believing in her ideas is the only thing needed to survive in the industry. 


KT Hailstones is an aspiring artist in her twenties; recently, she had a job proposition in another city to work in the comic book industry. KT, insecure, but determined, decides to pursue her dreams.

Her best friend, Julie, helps her find accommodation. Soon, KT becomes roommates with Julie and two other peculiar girls by the name of Cassandra and Liz. KT’s first impressions of the new shady neighborhood are terrible; it’s unnecessarily loud, and it doesn’t seem safe.

During the first day at the new apartment, KT accidentally befriends Cassar, who turns out to be their neighbor who somehow always keeps fruit by himself. Soon, KT learns that her initial impressions of the neighborhood might be wrong. She starts focusing on the next challenge – the first working day at the Wise Tortoise Comics.

Deep down, KT feels that she’s not up to the challenge. She keeps every rejection letter she received, only to remind herself that maybe she is not good enough for art. The Wise Tortoise Comics shows her the other side of the industry in an instant. KT becomes a subject of mockery by two male cynics who, by some cause, resent female artists.

When the chief executive demands them to pair up and bring two pitches on female-oriented series by the end of the week, KT meets Marcellus, a kind-hearted colleague who introduces her to the surrounding. With his help, KT learns that she must believe in her ideas in order to be the change the industry needs.

Nathaniel Baker

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