Babz Bitela, President/Silver Bitela Agency/WGA

Babz Bitela, President/Silver Bitela Agency/WGA
"Ok! You've got an agent: NOW. BRING. ME. GREAT!"

Agent in Roseville, California

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WGA franchised agency, Northern CA. Ed Silver, CFO

Before you pitch me, please get to know me via Babz Buzz - it will save us both time.

WE PREFER FAMILY FRIENDLY and faith inspiring scripts, but we know too, there's another way to get the testimony out. PLEASE THINK OF US for G and PG material along with your BIG BUDGET thrillers, etc. Thank you.

Ed Silver's seen more and done more deals than most. Ed Silver, our CFO; (from oldest to most recent) Financial Manager for Lee Marvin, Meyer Mishkin Agency (Mr. Mishkin), James Coburn, William Castle, Robert Blake, Claude Akins, Marty Paich, David Paich, (Toto 4 Members) Bolshoi Ballet (4hrs) Barnie Girard, Carter Dehaven, Irwin Allen Special project, Sid Luft Judy Garland Special, The Tubes, Stan Margulies, Beilenson, Meyer, Rosenfeld & Susman, Larry Beilenson, Cynthia Brian, Cheri Ross, Jason King, Mike Orenduff, and 15-20 published authors. He asked Babz to come on board to helm the script department.after she discovered Orenduff and others.

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