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About Michael

Michael is an EMMY award recipient for Directing. He has won Best Film and Best Director twice at the Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Project. He has won a shitload of Tellys, and has worked on projects for American Airlines, Wells Fargo, Chevrolet, Cochlear and many more.

Unique traits: Specializing in humor and emotions.


  • The List

    The List (2015)
    Film (short) by Michael Brueggemeyer Director, Writer

  • CrowdSorcery

    CrowdSorcery (2015)
    Film (short) by Micah Minor (Fantasy) Writer, Camera and Electrical Department

  • The Wandmaker

    The Wandmaker (2015)
    Television (Fantasy) Production manager The Wandmaker is a fantasy series that delves into the mysterious world of magic. Each episode holds adventure filled with mystical creatures and objects just around the corner. We chronicle the quests of Garrick Ollivander, the son of a wand maker out to prove his own skills in the craft. However, as he searches for the world's most powerful materials to aid in the making of wands he encounters many dangers, dark witches and wizards, unknown forces and one of the most powerful magic objects in existence. Follow us as we navigate through this thrilling expedition with epic battles between wizards, the good and evil in all of us, life and death, and the careful steps taken to keep the wizarding world safe and secret. Written by Amanda Martin

  • Things Happen

    Things Happen (2015)
    Film (short) by David S. Dawson (Drama) Camera and Electrical Department THINGS HAPPEN is a powerful, emotional, short film about a man who has lost everything after the death of his wife and child. Lost in his grief he is struggling to find a reason to go on until a fateful encounter presents him another chance to see that life is worth fighting for.

  • Midnight Rest

    Midnight Rest (2015)
    Film (short) by David S. Dawson (Horror) Producer

  • Undercovers

    Undercovers (2014)
    Film (short) by Michael Brueggemeyer (Romance) Director, Writer

  • Dulcie's Date

    Dulcie's Date (2014)
    Film (short) by Dawn W. Ford (Drama and Romance) Cinematographer Jack falls for radio show host Dulcie Danner. She's hung up on a touring sax player and haunted by her childhood losses. While Dulcie secludes herself and retreats from the world with agoraphobia, Jack is determined to get her out of the house and into his life. But will he have the patience to succeed and become Dulcie's Date?

  • Hookup

    Hookup (2014)
    Film (short) by Micah Minor (Horror) Camera and Electrical Department, Producer Based on "The Hook" urban legend.

  • Coverage

    Coverage (2013)
    Film (short) by Michael Brueggemeyer (Drama and Thriller) Director, Writer When a reporter is diagnosed with cancer, her insurance company turns her down. Her investigation exposes corruption and greed are at the center of a scheme run by the CEO of the insurance company, and as the reporter gets sicker, she decides on the best way to break the story. Written by Anonymous

  • Inmate 14658

    Inmate 14658 (2013)
    Film (short) by Michael Brueggemeyer (Thriller) Director, Writer, Actor

  • Momentum

    Momentum (2012)
    Film (short) by Michael Brueggemeyer Director, Writer, Actor Vice President Martin Bates is awakened in the middle of the night to learn the President has died. Before addressing the nation as the new President he struggles with his reputation as a political lightweight while trying to shed his mistress who is now texting him about "doing it in the Oval Office." This short film was a festival winner at the San Diego 48 Hour Film Project. Written by greg-1530

  • Traveling Through Life

    Traveling Through Life (2012)
    Film (short) by Michael Brueggemeyer (Sci-Fi) Director, Visual effects Traveling Through Life is a science fiction short film. It is about a boy Michael and his relationship with his mother. Michael is growing up in an average every day suburban household, but something is very wrong. His mother is lying to him about something. She is holding back a dark secret, and it is that secret that will ultimately threaten their relationship, and their world. Written by Anonymous

  • Fall from Grace

    Fall from Grace (2011)
    Film (short) by Michael Brueggemeyer (Thriller) Director

  • What's Your Fantasy?

    What's Your Fantasy? (2011)
    Film (short) by Michael Brueggemeyer (Fantasy) Director, Writer

  • Gone

    Gone (2011)
    Television by James McMann (Action and Drama) Director, Writer, Editor

  • Love in the Time of Flannel

    Love in the Time of Flannel (2011)
    Film (short) by Jeff Gardiner (Drama) Visual effects The year is 1992 and Josh has just learned the harsh reality of the middle school hierarchy. Although enrolled in 'gifted' classes - he's a social outcast. Things get worse as Josh must battle his only friend Victor for the affection of Autumn - a popular girl who loves indie music. Written by Jeff Gardiner

  • The Heiress Lethal

    The Heiress Lethal (2010)
    Film (short) by Michael Brueggemeyer (Comedy) Director Private Detective Johnny Jade has his hands full with a mysterious heiress, Veronica Baker, who is accused of murdering her husband, William Baker, the magnate behind the Baker's Beans empire. The police are closing in on her, and something smells rotten. Its up to Johnny to sniff out the truth! Written by Anonymous

  • Fran and Jazzy: The Chronicles

    Fran and Jazzy: The Chronicles (2010)
    Television (Comedy) Director A comedy about an unlikely friendship between two women as they chronicle their rise to stardom.

  • Luck of the Draw

    Luck of the Draw (2010)
    Film (short) by Ronn Kilby (Adventure) Writer

  • Maybe Florida

    Maybe Florida (2010)
    Film (short) by Christopher Allan Francis (Comedy and Drama) Camera and Electrical Department A couple's relationship is forced to look in the mirror.

  • Historians

    Historians (2009)
    Film (short) by Michael Brueggemeyer (Drama) Director, Writer Amy Belanger is a Historian. Not in the way you'd expect - she has the power to go into the minds of others, see how their past has altered their path, and help them see another way for them to view their past actions which will help them make a better future. We find her in a bar, where she moves from person to person, moving into their memories, seeing how each person did something, and she helps the people come to terms with their choices. Written by Michael Brueggemeyer

  • Just a Man

    Just a Man (2008)
    Film (short) by Michael Brueggemeyer (History) Director, Writer After Abraham Lincoln is assassinated, Mary Todd Lincoln is whisked to an anteroom, and while there learns that her husband will not survive. Her grief and pain lead quickly to anger and rage - a messenger arrives to inform the group about the pursuit of the killer, and Mary's rage begins to consume her. The Lincoln's manservant, Joe, comes to help her back from the abyss. Written by Michael Brueggemeyer

  • Doing It Right

    Doing It Right (2008)
    Film (short) by Michael Brueggemeyer (Drama) Director, Writer, Cinematographer, Editor

  • Cold Sweat

    Cold Sweat (2002)
    Film by Ernie Mirich Cinematographer, Editor

  • Basic Training

    Basic Training (2001)
    Film (short) by David O'Malley (Comedy) Cinematographer, Editor

  • Mental

    Mental (2001)
    Film by Thomas Russell (Comedy) Cinematographer Mental, a film by Slamdance award winning screenwriter Tom Russell served as the genesis for the 2006 feature film "Mr. Dungbeetle". It tells the story of Doctor Jay Stackhouse - a board-appointed psychiatrist striving to reclaim five mental patients led by a charismatic schizophrenic named Phillip. Doctor Stackhouse's task is complicated by the patients' shared delusion that they have been chosen to protect the sovereign shores of the United States from drug smugglers. Doctor Stackhouse soon realizes that the enemy is none other than his own colleague - the institution's senior psychiatrist, who fundamentally disagrees with Doctor Stackhouse's approach. Training along side his fellow soldiers while shielding them from the deceptive efforts of the senior psychiatrist, Doctor Stackhouse must ultimately confront his own concepts of allegiance, freedom, and reality. Written by Bill Nelson

  • Chicks, Man

    Chicks, Man (2000)
    Film by Jeremy Wagener (Comedy and Romance) Cinematographer Just as a man discovers that the girl of his dreams has been with him all the time, she walks out the door.

  • One Whore

    One Whore (1997)
    Film (short) by Paul Francis Cinematographer A man phones a call girl.

  • Fast Money

    Fast Money (1996)
    Film by Alex Wright (Action and Comedy) Camera and Electrical Department Butler is an experienced car thief, McCoy a struggling reporter trying to nail a bad guy-senator. Meeting for the first time when they're both in dire need of air transportation, they team up long enough for Butler to steal a car with a very special piece of luggage in the trunk, and all hell breaks loose. Suddenly they're chased by both sides of the law, and who can tell which is which? Written by Lars Skogan <si2_ls92362@debet.nhh.no>


  • EMMY - (Craft) Directing, commercial

  • Best Film, Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Project

  • Best Director, Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Project

  • Best Film, Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Project

  • Best Director, Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Project

  • Best Film, San Diego 48 Hour Film Project

  • Best Film, San Diego 48 Hour Film Project

  • Best Director, San Diego 48 Hour Film Project

  • Best Film, San Diego 48 Hour Film Project

  • Best Director, San Diego 48 Hour Film Project


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