Acting : Confidence. by Thomas Bailey

Thomas Bailey


How do you all find it?

Shannon Razzaghi


Jonathan Roberts

Shannon is right.. also surround yourself with people that build you up. Not let you down

Douglas Eugene Mayfield

I would add practice including (I'm not an actor/others might comment) recording yourself doing scenes and playing them back. There's nothing like visual feedback to let you know what, in terms of your manner, delivery, etc., you may to change . And improving yourself will definitely help your confidence,

Burgandi Trejo Phoenix

It's already in you. You just have to trust & believe in yourself enough to let it surface. :-)

D Marcus

I found it right where I lost it. Ain't that always the case?

Thomas Bailey

It's a strange thing; confidence. Everything you've all written I can say "exactly!" to. Experience will get you there, having a great team will certainly as well... so will practice... and it is already inside of us but at the end of the day is it as simple as flicking a switch? I say "simple" lightly because it's something I've struggled with forever, but, I smoked a joint and started looking inward and I really feel like – while they are great pedals to keep confidence moving – does the issue of having external validation as a source of confidence limit ourselves at not only actors but people? I dunno. Been trying to get back into acting and trying to ignite that switch again.

Jorge J Prieto

Practice, listening & responding and my favorite acting technique: Meisner, " behaving truthfully in imaginary circumstances" As actors, I think, LISTENING is key. Period.

Stephen Anthony Bailey

Confidence is extremely important to succeed in a business where the daily grind includes being told no or even worse not even getting called in to be told no. So, if you lack confidence you need to do things that help you build it and keep it. Make a short film. You don't have to release it but make it. And then say to yourself, "I did that. If I did that, what else can I accomplish?" That helps you to build up the confidence needed. Knowledge also helps with confidence so you should research your craft. Go to class! This definitely helps. Knowing you are ready for anything thrown at you is CONFIDENCE. Just work at this long enough and you will have confidence that stares Tom Cruise or Denzel Washington in the face saying that you can keep up with the best of the best! GOOD LUCK! #neverstop #focus

Olga Kalashnikova

Having a community of people you can work with and whom you can trust is a must. Trust and support is not the same as validation or approval. These are people with whom you can be yourself and can fail freely.. and then after failing freely so many times you won't be afraid of failing anymore. This is when you'll fly. And to me -- that's confidence :))

Jorge J Prieto

Confidence. Stay active as an actor. On the net, in here, in an acting group or workshop. My experience. I did some of my best work at a theater group here in NYC and at a Sanford Meisner class. Both led to work in plays with SAG actors, which where a league of their own. I had to up my game to keep up with this TRUE professionals. Don't give up, you'll regret it. Hope never quits.

Marco Fiorini

SO YOU WANT TO BE AN ACTOR?! TRY " MAKING PEACE WITH YOUR MORTALITY!" What follows is an immortality - a freedom, beyond ALL FEARS. "To be or not to be," is not the question. "KNOW THYSELF ," PROCLAIMED SOCRATES - the greatest acting guru/maestro of them all.

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