Acting : How to build a resume by Christina Caldwell

Christina Caldwell

How to build a resume

Hey everyone! I'm pretty green in this and some of the jobs ask for a resume. my only problem is I don't have much of anything to put on my resume. I've tried Google searches for tips but I just don't know for sure what to do. Any suggestions?

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Hi Christina! We actually have a great webinar coming up about how to present yourself as a creative! Hope you find it useful:

Chris Connell

Hey Christina, I have a web course that teaches newbies how to get started. One of the things covered is resumes. You can FREE access to the full course. Just go to The link is there on the homepage. In the videos list that results from that link you'll see "Resumes" as one of the teaching videos. I walk you through a couple. If you don't have much to put on your resume, you need to do as much free work as you can. Short films, students films, etc. That's how most of us get started. Notice the early credits on mine here Hope this helps! -Chris

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