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Monologues and Song

Anyone out there can suggest a 2 minute dramatic monologue? I'm looking for something contemporary and not overdone. I have been looking around at the usual websites but I'm drawing a blank for some reason. I also need a song for for this audition and I have a pretty low voice for female so any suggestions would help. Thanks everyone!

Tony Fisher

You could try one of the old classic from Shakespeare. But they've been done to death, I think many of the casting sites have monologue sections you can access. Might be worth a look.

Christof Davis

It would depend on what the audition was for - for the song - but there is a great song for a low-belt female from "A Tale of Two Cities" by Jill Santoriello - it's called "Out of Sight, Out of Mind":

Javi Toste

As far as I remember, there's a beautiful monologue in Sarah Kane's "Crave", which is contemporary, that talks about love in a non-corny, realistic way and that might be perfectly recommended for an audition. Check it out! :)

Vanessa Bailey

Try for searchable screen monologues, if they're suitable at all.... :)

Robert Franklin

Have you exhausted google?

Pamela Perrine

My 'go to' is from Crazy, Stupid Love- role of Tracy (

Steve Purvis

The play "Constellations" has some good monologues.

Alex Scoras

CRIMES of the Heart!

David Fritsch

Write your own based on a personal experience.

Regina Pasqualino

Choose something that’s shows you; levels & attitudes. Writing your own ONLY if they ask

Stephen Foster

try the shadow box, proof and for comedy house of blue leaves.

Stephen Foster

I have a funny musical song called "it's all about me"

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