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Animation : A new test animatic for my current project! by Tony Treloar

Tony Treloar

A new test animatic for my current project!

Gary Gibbons

Good job

Algis Gintautas

WOW!!!! This is what I'm takin about!

Tony Treloar

Thanks for checking it out. I really appreciate it!

David Andrade

Cool! I'm a little lost in the last scene however; my eyes were darting around and I was a bit confused. Over cool tone though!

Dale Sumner

Hiya Tony, just watched your test animatic for 'Galaxy Rose' - love it! When will there be some more?! Dale.

Tony Treloar

Thanks so much, Dale! Right now I'm working on a full 3 minute animatic trailer for the project so it may be a few months but there will definitely be more!

Zaff Malik

Superb work Tony, I loved the dream like state of floating in the sky, with the clouds and sun light, I'm wanting to see more!

Pat Savage

Sweet start!

Robert P. Davenport II

Very nice 2d work!

Randall Scott White

Very cool... so what's the story? Like an Aeon Flux thing?

Tony Treloar

Thanks, Randall! The story is still classified : )

David J. Soto

Well done.

Nate Wubu

That cloud scene at 00:31 is intensely georgeous!

Demiurgic Endeavors

I agree. I know I'm finding this a year later but WOW. That cloud scene was a million dollar shot. It made think of an mature version of Metroid.

Joseph Okojie

That's awesome. How is the project going?

Pat Savage

Good stuff! Like the music its what I'm producing

Denis LaBrie

Awesome man! I can really dig it! Love the landscapes!

Tony Treloar

Thanks for checking out the video, Joseph! I've had a few people say they were interested but then when it came time to pull the trigger, they bailed but I'm still pushing forward, slowly but surely!

Tony Treloar

Thanks, Denis! I really appreciate it.

Jonas Frederik

That's awesome, Tony! Really beautiful work!

Egypt Reale

Great job. Love it

James David Sullivan

That's a needle on a parabola!

Malcolm Harris

looks great

Epic Acg

I love it.

Darrell Shanks

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