Animation : Paddington bear by Sylvia Marie Llewellyn

Sylvia Marie Llewellyn

Paddington bear

I would like to mention that our member JAMES HICKEY's movie opened last weekend. I'm sure they're very excited over there in the U.K. I'll definitely go see it... hope you all do too.

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Yes! I'm looking forward to it!

CJ Walley

Wow it's great to see a Stage 32 member connected with this movie :)

Sylvia Marie Llewellyn

CJ... I think James is across the pond from me in your neck of the woods.

CJ Walley

He is indeed :)

Fiona Faith Ross

We are excited about it in the UK. It's on my list. It's had good reviews and my friend who is a professional children's story writer says it is brilliant and enjoyable, so yes, sounds like one to see!

Emma J Steele

I've seen it, took my 7 yr old daughter and loved it, one of the best kids movies I've seen. The animation was amazing and the story beautifully told. Congratulations to all involved!

Rick James

What's the title, I'd love to see it.

Emma J Steele

"Paddington" Ric.

Rick James

You're kidding, I see the ads for it on tv. The trailer reminds me of the movie Ted.

James Hickey

Wow, I had no idea there was a discussion going on here lol. Thanks for all the kind words people, really appreciate it. It's been doing great business over here so hope you all enjoy it too.

Rick James

No, thank you, it's refreshing to see something other than end timing, hack & slash, eat'em while you gottem, zombie shoot'em ups.

Tom Walkinshaw

Wow! The trailer looks amazing!

M Alcaraz

I loved Paddington. Completely got me by surprise. Its just a nice quirky good feel movie that touches on really important topics that you wouldn't realize such as the homeless and being different but treated as an equal and family. Beautiful.

Rick James

I have to see it now.

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