Anything Goes : Any Great Script PROOFREADERS Out There? by Mylo Carbia

Mylo Carbia

Any Great Script PROOFREADERS Out There?

I have a few good contacts when it comes to script coverage, but is there anyone out there who does a really great job a SCRIPT PROOFREADING for a decent price? Seems silly to pay $60 for full coverage then $150 for someone to catch 3 typos.

Luca Patruno

I'm definitely interested in doing this for you! I'll be willing to take whatever you'd like pay

Ralph Barnette

Hi Mylo. A lot depends on what you want the script scanned for. I read scripts with a range of concentrations depending on what is required - character development/conflict, thematic threads, script breakdown, cost and/or crew and equipment estimating, location and set requirements, etc. Many times one can read for a set of traits that indicate some shortcomings, then read for another group of red flags that conflict with parts of the first set of conclusions. For instance, a period piece may be set to shoot in many locations that work great when reading for story and character development, but on being read for a script breakdown, the budget may demand collapsing those locations to only a few. Knowing this in advance allows for making skillful adjustments that retain aspects of the story most important the writer and/or director's wishes. You are probably not looking to be this detailed, but what the script is being read for makes a big difference in cost. I've worked in most filmmaking departments, so reading the script gives me a different set of information channels depending on my job or what I'm troubleshooting. Every read I pickup on typos; no extra for those.

Ally May

I am a screenwriter as well as an English Major. I am excellent at catching errors in spelling and punctuation.

Robert Cettl

Hello, I am a former Research Fellow at Australia's National Film Archive and a professionally published author of film non-fiction for McFarland and Bloomsbury Academic in the USA. I have an HBA in film/media and a Masters of TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). As author and private English teacher (recently working in China, now online) I offer proof-reading services to students, authors, business people: note - proofing is different from editing / reading. I am familiar with many literary genres - reports, fiction, non-fiction, scripts, essays. I also write, direct and produce low budget ethnographic films and am familiar with screenplay formatting and construction. I am on Skype if required. Thank you for your consideration.

Mylo Carbia

Outstanding feedback, Ralph Barnette. Thank you! In this case, I am simply looking for a scan for typos and minor issues with format (e.g. accidentally listed O.S. versus V.O.) before the script gets shopped to a studio. Can you send me your website link if you have one?

Patrick John Thies

I can help you Mylo! I have proofread screenplays for several people and they have all been pleased and stayed with me for additional screenplays. I enjoy reading them because most are friends and they refer me to others. I honestly do not charge money every time since I don't mind doing it and see it as learning more. Let me know if I can help in anyway!

Ken Kott

I would love to proofread scripts. I have a very good eye for those minor and annoying mist mistakes.

Mylo Carbia

Wow! Thank you for the overwhelming response both here and offline. I think I'm all set for now with quite a few candidates to consider... All The Best, Mylo

Suuresh Ramachandran

Hi Mylo, I would like to do it. Do let me know how we can take this further.

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