Cinematography : Introductions by Jared Moses

Jared Moses


Hello I am a screenwriter who is looking to make the leap to Director. To do this I know I will ultimately need to understand the ends and outs of what a DP does. I would love to form some connections and friendships and learn from as many cinematographers as I can. I have the utmost respect for your vision and would love to learn how you do, what you do. Please introduce yourselves below and feel free to connect with me I'd love to chat from time to time.

Ryan McCoy

What’s up, Jared? One man’s opinion...have you tried just going out and shooting something yourself to show that you can tell story through a visual medium yet? You’ve got the tools, and I read your’ve got the passion, nothing is stopping you from going out and doing it. If you need advice or help, feel free to ask me. I’d be happy to do what I can. I don’t want anything in return but help to out and hopefully see you succeed, my man. I mean it.

JD Hartman

Have you been a part of the crew on a short, music video, etc. yet? Paid your dues in a position lower than DP? Showed that you have an eye? Given a DP a reason to school you?

Jared Moses

No I haven’t.

JD Hartman

Most people rise to become DP throught the Camera Department or through Lighting.

Royce Allen Dudley

Hi Jared, there is a lifetime to learn about cinematography if one wants to be a DP but as you plan to direct, you only need to know what a DP does and find one who will support your vision. Most veteran DPs work under new directors often, regardless of budget size. A good DP will help you figure out shot lists, blocking and so on without upstaging you. Professionals are in the habit of making their director look good. Don't worry as much about the camera they bring or their credit list, so much as maybe direct some small projects and find a DP who you personally click with before taking on a bigger effort. In this way, you learn your collaborative style as a director, as well as learn more about the craft by being there.

Ryan McCoy

I agree with Royce and also enforce my previous statement of just go out and make it. If you don’t know a DP or can’t afford one, shoot it yourself. If you don’t know an editor or can’t afford one, do it yourself. There are levels of quality we all strive to hit, but if your story sucks and nobody wants to watch it, then who cares how good it looks? STORY. STORY. STORY. I’m just going to keep hammering it. Much love to everyone participating on this platform and these threads. We’ll all get there eventually if it’s what you truly want. I’m here if anyone wants to reach out for input/advice/etc.

Dan MaxXx

Collaboration. Share your dream. Don't do everything yourself. You just gotta explain what you want to your people and let them do their jobs.

Usman A. Jalingo

hi, guys i believe in do it yourself someday you will be a better one, because practice make perfect but always ask questions for whats u don`t know

Glenn Roland

Hi Jared:Call me when you need to hire an experienced Director of Photography/Cinematographer.

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