Composing : Learn From All The Movie Masters by Joel Irwin

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Joel Irwin

Learn From All The Movie Masters

No matter what facet of film-making you are part of, if you learn by watching only recent films of say the last couple of years, you are bound to be missing opportunities to learn from ALL the masters. All films, including all of the 20th century can be valuable to learn things from. I am scoring for a local filmmaker right now and mentioned to him tonight that was I was re-watching a particular film, to review how the composer scored the scary and fight scenes with acoustic instrumentation (versus synths and sound effects). The filmmaker I mentioned it to, said he had never heard of the film. My jaw dropped. I mention it was worth watching for anyone in the film industry as it won 10 Oscars. I mentioned to him that only four films have won 10 or more Oscars. Everyone knows about Titanic which won 11, but it tied the previous record holder, Ben-Hur and then a few years later "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" also won 11. The 10 Oscar winner he never knew about was "West Side Story" - I told him to go get it from Netflix.

Mark Saltman

Brandi, Alien is a great score- and ironically-- just recently someone won a big scoring contest with a piece that was almost an exact knock-off from Alien. I would bet that the judges must not have been familiar with that score- also shockingly.

Angela Knebel Sharman

I love the west side story score and would've loved to have seen the film with live orchestra done in London last year :-)

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