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Timothy Andrew Edwards

Songs and/or Score

Films often need songs as source music (background bar music, passing cars, etc). Is there anyone here that also writes songs in addition to scoring, or who solely writes songs and not score?

Joel Irwin

I seem to do it all - I score, I co-write songs with lyricists, and in the last film I scored, I also created and added to the sound effects (it was a sci-fi film). The film is getting it's world premiere at Houston/Worldfest on April 24th.

Keep also in mind I have non-film work which includes live performances - classical, jazz, big band, etc. Heck, a couple of years ago I wrote a 'rag' for a fundraiser for a Springer Spaniel dog rescue organization. On Apr 27th my sax quartet is being performed live (soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxs).

Jonathan Price

Aye, I've written quite a lot of songs for movies I've scored. For New Line's CYBER WARS, there's a scene with William Sanderson in a futuristic bar called The Blue Tiger. I couldn't find a clip of it on YouTube, but I did find this quirky music video I made in half an hour with some friends.

Aleksandar Zavisin

Hi. I am music composer. You can check my songs.

Andy Kotz

I have songs (with vocals/lyrics) available to license as source music here:

...and here are instrumental tracks available to license as source music too (no vocals per sé):

Vijay Siddharth

Yes I can do it.. I have written songs and I have written scores too.. Please find my works here:

Brian Lee Robinson

I just write songs at this point.

Allen Sebastian

Yup! I'm from India and like you may already know most of the indian films does consist of a list of songs, i have done for one movie a couple of yrs back when the director requested for some songs to move some stories and montages. i have also produced some songs aswell..

Brian Lee Robinson

I write mostly Country to Pop Music. Most of my songs are available at: I have a lot of Instrumental versions of my songs, as well.

Bartek Dzikowski

Hi, Greetings from Warsaw! I write songs and instrumentals. You can find them on my profile. Would be happy to cooperate with you. Have a great day! Bart

Leonard Wolf

I do both - songwriting is very gratifying since songs can go places scoring can't and live on beyond one scene ... My latest song from "The Odds" a multi award winning indie movie:

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