Filmmaking / Directing : An example of knowing what you're doing and the best that can be done. by Mark Glamack

Mark Glamack

An example of knowing what you're doing and the best that can be done.

This is film-making at its very best at Every in the business should view this. ENJOY!

Mande Pro

wow the shooting are so nice

Mark Glamack

Yes Mande, and all considered simply great movie making from start to finish. Their people really know what they are doing.

Phil Parker

That is awesome in so many ways. Thanks for sharing it.

Harri-Pekka Virkki

Danny MacAskill is one of my favorite artists! So skilled and cool.

Mark Glamack

I'm very glad that all of you enjoyed watching this great work. When our collaborative business comes together with a shared and dedicated vision, the result becomes pure magic. May film-makers everywhere create such a unique experience.

JP Harley

Well done! I assume it only took 1-take, very creative and great balance.

Mark Glamack

No Jordan, for the most part a lot of footage, and then great editing for the film and music.

Marcelo Pontes

Fantastic shooting, fantastic performance! Thanks for posting!

Mark Glamack

Thank you for your response Marcelo. It's such a joy to experience the best of the best.

Portia Hen

That was super scary. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.

Kevin Doy Burton

That was breathtaking. Talking about extreme bike riding. My question is,doing a take like that would you have to make a life and death decision? I mean just to look at the scenery and the actor who's willing to do it.

Debbie Croysdale

Watching this it's hard to find the right words, so will just say WOW! This is so different, with so many quality assets, and possible outlets. Eg. Could so easy be an ad for a top sports chain, to the chase scene in some classy thriller. You have also shown yourself to be a worthy on set stunt man to a director/producer. In future anything this good, i would keep for a specialist/agent to try to create a bidding wars.. If I owned a top sports chain, this would certainly be my ad.

Mark Glamack

Me too Portia, with goose-bumps to boot. How about when he hit that fence and flipped over to the other side? I sure hope that was only one take.

Mark Glamack

Good question Kevin. As i was watching I was thinking you would have to be NUTS to even attempt that. But then I realized that we must be prepared and willing to stand out in the crowed to reach our full potentials. This is an extreme example of that, but resulting in a thrilling experience for everyone who can appreciate his accomplishment along with great film-making to document it. It's also a great example of what we as filmmakers should aspire to beyond just doing another film.

Mark Glamack

Yes, Debbie and WOW is the right word! You're right, but It would have to run as a commercial as it is, and its length would be prohibitive in cost. Editing it down to thirty-seconds could never do it justice. It's perfect as it is. However, if he had used a well known motorcycle brand, they might have had that company use it at trade shows for a hefty sum. Good business decisions are also important to be able to reach the full financial potential of anything we do. Also, I wonder why it was never submitted as a short film for the OSCAR. I think it would have won hands down.

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