Filmmaking / Directing : Cinerama - ArcLight closure: how are you feeling about this? by Cherelynn Baker

Cherelynn Baker

Cinerama - ArcLight closure: how are you feeling about this?

Wow - I have seen so many films here. So many premieres and screenings with panels by the film creators. This is sad. Or, is it rebirth? What are your thoughts and feelings on Cinerama / ArcLight closing?

James Welday

Another part of Hollywood’s (recent) history is slowly fading away. I’ve seen so many memorable films over the years, that Sunset Boulevard won’t feel the same.

Shadow Dragu-Mihai

Sad but... oh well. I think someone will save it, but if not, the world has changed.

Zach Tirone

Devastating news!

Nathan Mccoy

I graduated from LAFS right across the street from The Dome, this kills me. Saw the rerelease of Lawrence of Arabia there too. Hopefully AMC or somebody saves it.

James Welday

Nathan, as did I. Class of 2005!

Doug Nelson

It saddens me when I hear that some iconic/historical movie house shuts down but I rejoice if the physical structure remains - often some non-profit forms to restore it for continued life in the Arts. They are very often a boon to the Independent Filmmaking Industry. To me, it's a bad news/good news situation.

Karen "Kay" Ross

There are some industry angel investors that are working their mojo, but still... history, like all good stories, requires an ending before the next beginning.

Cherelynn Baker

Thank you everyone for sharing your experience on this post with the Cinerama.

Ziyang Wang

So sad... The first feature I worked on was premiered there.

Debbie Croysdale

I agree with @Doug It's sad if an iconic theatre/cinema closes but these buildings are not usually left redundant as often the edifice sucks in artistic soulmates for recycle. Or better still there are protests/rallies for it not to face closure. One way around it is to lobby local councils to make them grade listed buildings, as what happened to Hyde Park Cinema UK built in 1914. Amazingly in 2019 a Charlie Chaplain film was re shown there and cos it's a silent film we had a live piano accompaniment.

Nathan Mccoy

Most likely this thread is dead, BUT.... UPDATE:

"But in the days following the announcement of ArcLight’s closure, Quinn said he received “about a dozen” unsolicited emails from theater chains and other groups asking about the space. He said he’s not surprised as ArcLight’s locations in Los Angeles were in prime areas.

“There’s tremendous interest from a variety of theater groups, luxury and otherwise, for doing something there,” Quinn said. “We have not actively marketed it yet because we still need to see what is going to happen and figure out if we will take possession of the space, but it is highly feasible at this point that ArcLight Pasadena would get a new tenant.” "

Cynthia Garbutt

We had a Cinerama in New Orleans, back in the day. You guys were lucky to have had the one in LA for so long.

James Welday

Cynthia, that’s amazing! I wasn’t aware of any outside of California.

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