Filmmaking / Directing : Foreign Language Films - Unfair Categorizing? by Karen "Kay" Ross

Karen "Kay" Ross

Foreign Language Films - Unfair Categorizing?

With award season ramping up, and nominations announced, the system and all its glorious flaws are being broken down. This article brought up the complaints brought on by the creators of "Minari". Has anyone seen it? What do you think about the stance to get rid of the Foreign Language Film category?

Hollywood Slams Golden Globes for Categorizing 'Minari' as Foreign Language Film: 'Enough of This Nonsense'
Hollywood Slams Golden Globes for Categorizing 'Minari' as Foreign Language Film: 'Enough of This Nonsense'
The Hollywood Foreign Press Association's category guidelines ignited an outcry Tuesday when it was announced that " Minari" would be classified as a foreign language film for Golden Globes voters. Di…
Derek Reid

I mean, the original intent (I assume) was to guarantee a foreign language film won an award each year. Take that away and whatever happens happens I guess.

Shadow Dragu-Mihai

Well, like the Academy, the globes are an industry organization, and not a public trust. They can do what they want.

Niksa Maric

"A movie about the American dream, set in America, starring an American, directed by an American, and produced by an American company, is somehow foreign." What Foreign Language Film category, Karen? Based to this method, Americans are now considered as a foreigners in their own country. Hey, does that mean am an American too? If so, can I have my $600.00 please, please, please!

Bamutiire Jerry Edmund

Dialect considerations for awards have always caused chaos: the African Julia Roberts herself Genevieve Nnaji had her 2018 movie Lionheart nominated for the 2019 Oscars international feature film category but only for it to later on be ejected out of the category the Oscars team claiming the international feature film category required only films dominantly in foreign language but Lionheart had more English dialogue in addition to it's subdued foreign language dialogue. This caused bad blood for sure that even BBC was prompted to cover the story:

Kiril Maksimoski

Nothing new here...back in '88 Dutch Spoorloos couldn't qualify for the Academy as Foreign film from Netherlands...had too much French dialogue within...

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