Filmmaking / Directing : It's not a plot against women, it's a fear... by Laurie Ashbourne

Laurie Ashbourne

It's not a plot against women, it's a fear...

When Jodie Foster talks, I listen. The greatest compliment I ever got was when someone compared me to her. (Way better than the time I was compared to Martha Stewart, and a nose better than being 'fake cast' as Marisa Tomei in MY COUSIN VINNY.) Foster is spot on in this article, as to why women in film are where they are statistically. I've been that female script supervisor on set, and I've had studio heads claim I was a dangerous woman. Falling back to the way it has 'always been' is a reflex, not a malicious intent against an entire gender. I have faith that what she sees changing will continue to do so.

Jodie Foster: Studios Are Scared of Women, Says Blockbuster Culture Harms Movie Industry
Jodie Foster: Studios Are Scared of Women, Says Blockbuster Culture Harms Movie Industry
Hollywood's current obsession with big-budget tentpoles is holding the movie business back when it comes to creating more films by and for women, Jodie Foster said at the Cannes Film Festival on Thursday.
Dan MaxXx

Laurie- Jodie Foster's Agent was one of the guest speakers at the WGA office NYC, Monday night. He talked briefly at what Jodie is saying in the article. Marisa Tomei is making a comeback. She's playing the sexy cougar Aunt May in Spider-man solo movie. By the way, at the same WGA event, another agent/manager made a comment that he reps the most successful box office female directors (Wachowski Sisters). it was a funny joke (nothing mean-spirited. U had to be in the room).

Vasco Phillip de Sousa

I think things will change soon. More women are applying to film jobs than before, and more are going to film school. Independent producers have an opportunity to capture the market the studios are neglecting and hire the talent that studios are overlooking. And, as many entrepreneurs these days are women, a new female-founded major studio will likely emerge soon.

Dan MaxXx

Oprah is a major movie player

Vasco Phillip de Sousa

She's not that big in cinemas yet, her movies don't travel far outside the USA. I'm talking Disney, Dreamworks level.

Summer Anderson

Couple of groups I follow on Twitter to keep up on evolution (or devolution) of this topic: Women In Film Directed by Women RebelGrrrl Women Make Movies Deaf Women in Film

David Taylor

Laurie - you just pressed my 'I'm a HUGE fan' button. Jodie Foster, Marisa Tomei (...and MY COUSIN VINNY & the frank article). I would die to see those two actors together. (I fell in love with an old dead lady called FANIA FENELONE, when I read her book - PLAYING FOR TIME - about Auschwitz. Arthur Miller did a play. There was a 1980 movie. Both of those missed one of FANIA'S main points about the future - (Para) 'Only women can make sure this never happens again'. Leaving the book, the play and that movie behind, I ran with that basic premise.

Robert Rosenbaum

“Studio executives are scared period,” she said. “This is the most risk-averse time that I can remember in movie history.” This is a problem all new and independent filmmakers must overcome. The 90s are dead and gone. The new wave for new filmmakers is new media. It's the place to break in. Make a splash there and Hollywood may let you play.

Anthony Farah

Some of us in Chicago want to develop woman lead projects. I think things will change more rapidly when as a society we stop thinking of feminism as THE 'f' word.

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