Filmmaking / Directing : Looking for a SCRIPT!! by Jonathon Blankenship

Looking for a SCRIPT!!

Hey all! First off, I’m new to Stage 32 and it’s truly awesome so far! Secondly, I was trying to write a little on my own, but not having a ton of luck. I really want to get a project going so if anyone knows of a script that they can bring to my attention or a solid screenwriter, that would be fantastic. It can be a short or a feature, but for the short term, I think I would focus on a short for now. Let me know any other info!

Philip Sedgwick

Hi Jonathan, I've got short scripts. There's a link on my website: Note that ZAP! which just won the Phoenix Film Festival, I'll be directing myself. However, I will be finishing a new short script this weekend that I can tell you about on Monday.

Philip Sedgwick

By the way, I know a fabulous actor in San Antonio who has been in two of my shorts... would be happy to put you in touch regardless of selecting one of my scripts.

Richard Banton

Do you have a certain genre or idea for the project in mind? If not, what have you directed previously?

Jonathon Blankenship

Richard I am looking at horror, but truly open to anything that is interesting. I have done different genres, mainly because I don’t think you have to stick to one genre in particular.

S.B. Goncarova

I'd love to work on developing /writing a short with you. pm or write me at

Jack Binder

You've come to the right place!

Doug Nelson

Jonathon - can you show us any of your work to date? I have a little script - a lite horror - that has only three characters, one location. Mom, Dad & Child 5-7 yr age range+/- (boy or girl), INT SFR home - NIGHT. It's generally similar to a Geico skit we shot last year. With banner & credit roll, it should have well under a 5 min RT. You say you're a Director - it features a swish pan along with a zoom-stop. Wanna show us what you can do?

Rob Herzog

I have several quality short horror scripts listed on my profile page, including Thirteen Steps to the Attic, The Potato Chip Man, Onion Witch, You'll Need More Tombstones, Eel and Omen, Windows Wicked, Man of Wax, and Haircut (Beware-Cut).

John Ellis

Jonathon, you'll be inundated with scripts! I can offer my assistance as an AD when the time is right (I have a couple of scripts, too).

Christina Patjens

John Ellis Ha. Ha. So true. Agree.

Dan MaxXx

Who's funding this project?

Author David Seuss

We have what you may be looking for.

Stephen Foster

look at my bloglines. I have some cute stuff! I'm an award-winning writer.

Lindbergh E Hollingsworth

As Dan MaxXx asked, who's funding? What's the budget range for this project? Any specific genre?

Jason Mirch

Hey Jonathon Blankenship what sort of genre are you looking for?

Lyn Singleton

Hi Jonathan, If you would consider a dark comedy about Real Estate in NYC, I have a few projects ready.. Please let me know your interest and budget, etc. All the best, Lyn

Shadow Dragu-Mihai

Jonathon Blankenship Are you offering WGA rates, or what scale of payment are you offering? I know several accomplished screenwriters but can't refer them to you without that info. Thanks.

Geoff Wise

Jonathon, are you buried in material? I sent your post to a friend of mine who writes horror scripts, he sent you some material after an email exchange with you, but hasn't heard back.

Doug Nelson

He has no bio and he's only recently found S32 - you really think your going to hear back from this guy?

Jonathon Blankenship

Doug Nelson actually I am busy. Just because I have no bio? That was an absurd comment and there’s no reason for it. You can do yourself a favor and don’t pay attention to anything that has to do with me.

Jonathon Blankenship

I’m married with 6 kids. I do as best as I can. Man why are you even on here if you feel the need to act this way?

Stephen Foster

I've had great convo with Jonathon Blankenship Doug Nelson stop being a wet blanket.

Doug Nelson


Author David Seuss

its okay not to have a bio

Tru Entertainment

um have any of you watched this interview:

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