Anything Goes : Reality Shows -- Are They Ready to Bite the Dust? by Debbie Elicksen

Debbie Elicksen

Reality Shows -- Are They Ready to Bite the Dust?

In television, I usually prefer quality with real-life career ACTORS and not crappy voyeurism. My thoughts about Reality shows is that they only became a thing way back when the actors strike took many shows off the air. Now that the strike is over for years, networks got greedy and prefer to film some untalented boor off the street than pay a SAG-ACTRA actor. Low overhead and cheap labor and whola, you have a show that caters to keeping the lowest common denominator the lowest common denominator instead of inspiring them with good content. Or am I being too harsh?


You also have the mass majority of people watching reality, loving it, even more than your network tv & films. Most people these days seem to thrive and revel in the hysterical drama that ensues in any reality episode. I personally, love films and good ol' tv. But sadly, I think reality is here to stay :(.

Debbie Elicksen

Sadly, I think you're right.

Everett Cruz

Hardly all those shows suck. A toast to the death of the " reality tv show" and rebirth of quality.

Alex Pryce

I'll drink to that

Everett Cruz

What happened to Person of Interest? It used to be good. Now it's crappy somehow.

Simon © Simon

I like POI, They just evened the playing field and let it evolve.

Charles Thompson

I don't spend much time watching reality tv, but (ironically) I've thought of an idea for one. I give some credit to competition-based reality shows (i.e. The Amazing Race, Survivor, and Big Brother) for offering some actual drama, as opposed to the staged kind.

Varun Prabhu

you know what went interesting to crap?? The Vampire Diaries

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