Introduce Yourself : A latina walks into a bar... by Mariannjely Marval

Mariannjely Marval

A latina walks into a bar...

Hello fellow creative!

My name is Mariannjely Marval and I'm a Venezuelan living in Atlanta. I truly enjoy writing, acting, and the production process. I'm looking to collaborate with creatives interested in unique stories with strong and diverse female protagonists. My first thriller script A PERFECT MATCH was recently picked by Lifetime Network and it’s on pre-production (so exciting!). I'm currently writing a dramedy TV series about three Hispanic Au pairs in America, while I also work as assistant producer in the development of a Historical Drama TV series.

FUN FACT: I have 4 adorable rescue dogs, and about 200 bonsai trees, I thought you should know.

Vital Butinar

I love your title! :)

Congratulations on your script. That's so cool.

I think I'm not the only one to say this but we want a picture of the adorable dogs! :)

Sarah Gabrielle Baron

Welcome, Mariannjely! You might find the Writer's Room a great place to get to know other writers and maybe find collaborators. It's a really dynamic and supportive place. Most of us are still 'undiscovered' so if you join you'll be an immediate rockstar! We'd love to have you and your experience there! Consider getting in touch with director of script services, Jason Mirch to find more about your best fit within this very big web service!

Gary Jeanty

Wow that is amazing how were you able to get your script picked up by Lifetime and did you have full control of the creation of it or did they change

Mariannjely Marval

Thank you Vital Butinar ! I hope RB does not charge me with copyright on the tittle... and a picture of my 4 dogs together is a hard task, but I do have one so as per your request, please find attached.

Mariannjely Marval

Hi Sarah Gabrielle Baron Thank you for the great recommendation. I joined a couple days ago! :)

Mariannjely Marval

Hey Gary Jeanty , thanks! There were a few changes. I had the great opportunity to work with a producer with contacts in the network.

Vital Butinar

He he Mariannjely Marval that's great! Cute and I love it.

I'm sure RB will be fine. :)

Nice to meet you.

Eric Graciano

Saludos Mariannjely Marval ! =)

Zach Tirone


Talus Night

Hi Mariannjely, Wow it sounds like you have a lot of exciting stuff going on. That's great

Mariannjely Marval

Saludos!! Eric Graciano

Mariannjely Marval

Thanks Zach Tirone :)

Mariannjely Marval

Thank you! and yes, I love staying creative :) Talus Night

Paul Christopher Miller

HI Mariannjely. I appreciate strong female protagonists too!

Lewis Knight

Congrats on your upcoming project. So exciting!

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