Introduce Yourself : Audition process by Gary Alexis

Gary Alexis

Audition process

Hey guys, just joined the stage about a week ago. Just wanted to let you guys know im going to start my acting reel tomorrow so I can submit electronically and start the "auditioning process". Couple months left in the navy, but once I get out ill be ready.

David Di Pietro

All the best, Gary! Look forward to seeing your reel! Thanks for your service, too!

Gary Alexis

Appreciate it dave....its alright if i call you dave isn't it? Lol.

David Di Pietro

Absolutely! LOL Stay sexy, Gary! :)

Gary Alexis

Lol, you know it!

Erin Leigh Neumeyer

Thanks for your service! That's great that you are getting ready to hit the ground running. Best of luck to you.

Gary Alexis

Thank you Erin. You too.

Gigi M. Green

Hello Gary.

Dawson Howard

Welcome Gary. Good luck from a fellow ex serviceman. Hope the film is a success

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