Introduce Yourself : DP always getting full support from the Director by Leya Marincic

Leya Marincic

DP always getting full support from the Director

So it's been a couple of months since we had any sort project while I was working on other stuff, like painting and editing, even some color grading for some different projects.

But we were all psyched when we finally had a cool music video to shoot and since it was a small project we didn't even know what equipment we might need and in one shot we really needed a high angle.

So my partner the director gave me a boost to get the shot and this picture is proof that if a DP get's the support from their director that anything is possible. ;)

The whole concept of the music video was supposed to have a scary and spooky vibe, so we decided to do everything handheld. The really interesting part was that we got some inspiration from director Tony Scott's work and decided to shoot almost everything on 12 fps and with a really high shutter angle to get a jittery, with a lot of motion blurred look that would look scary and spooky and would serve the story well. We're really excited about this music video but there's still a lot of post production to do.

A before lockdowns started we actually shot another video for the same band that we're really proud off, my personal favorite is the opening shot which was a really challenge for the choreography of the director but we still did it in two takes.

Here it si:

Anyway a big hi to everyone that I've met on Stage32 and also hi to all the new people on here.

Drop me a line if you think we have something cool to talk about. :)

And I'm very interested how everyone else is doing these days and what you're working on.



Jason Parker

I have almost the exact same photo of me and my DP!!

Shadow Dragu-Mihai

nice video!

Leya Marincic

Jason Parker yeah it was so funny because we didn't exactly know where we'd be shooting and didn't decide on the shots before. It was all a little more confusing than usual. So at one point I said I wish I could get a high shot and my partner, who is the director, said no problem hop on. It's more of a joke actually because as far as directors go he's usually among the first people on set and the last to leave. While others are goofing around he's thinking about what comes next and how to do everything that others forget all the time keeping in mind what he wants on screen. So this was just a quick and funny OK problem, OK problem solved moment.

Leya Marincic

Thank you Shadow Dragu-Mihai. It was fun shooting it. Lots of laughs and a couple of really fun scenes. The funniest was the scene where the lead actress was putting on her pants, for some reason everyone wanted to be behind the camera on this one.

The big problem was the biker bar shots. Those were real bikers and they were really cool but we knew we had a limited time to shoot since they all started drinking and in a couple of hours we wouldn't be able to direct them anymore. So we shot the important stuff right away and then just progressed to shooting stuff that could have a more free background and that we didn't have to control. It was interesting.

Claude Gagne

They say improvise! Now don't move for the shot. Funny!

Sara Dee

There's HUGE advantages to being a petite techie rather than a burly one and this picture just helps proves the point. I've taken a look at the music video. Wow Leya, you are super talented. The video looks really slick and the lighting is beautifully considered. Thank you for sharing . . . I enjoyed that. x

Leya Marincic

Claude Gagne you wouldn't imagine how many times we've had to improvise. But yeah it was funny and my partner, the director, was great supporting me and directing the actor at the same time.

Leya Marincic

Thank you Sara Dee and oh yeah it's an advantage. On the other hand last summer I had a seadycam rig with an Alexa Mini with all the bells and whistles stuck on me. I did fine but the next few days were recuperation. Also if I use something huge even like a Ursa Mini Pro or something it's heavy, that's why I love my Pocket 4K just as good but way lighter at least in situations like this.

The video was great to do it was really interesting we had so much fun and we did a good job considering my partner came up with the whole idea over the weekend and didn't even have time to write anything down but was doing everything from his head which is a complete opposite of how we usually work. :)

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