Introduce Yourself : First Time Here. by Sherry McGuinn

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Sherry McGuinn

First Time Here.

Hey all,

Thought I'd finally stop in and introduce myself. I'm a Chicago area screenwriter with a myriad of projects in the works. Have had two short films produced, one in L.A., the other in NY that won a bunch of awards, but, as many of us know, "making it" in filmdom is a tough slog, but I'm committed and determined. In case anyone is interested, one of my projects is a sexy, dark, "vampire tale" without an actual vampire. A female-driven thriller with a truly unique premise. I have another project "out there," which my rep is shopping. Currently half-way through another screenplay and trying to work through a block. We all know what that's like. Anyway, hope everyone is doing well and writing...directing...producing...pitching their asses off. Cheers!

Adam Harper

Hi Sherry, nice to meet you

Sherry McGuinn

Same here, Adam. Thank you!

Mike W. Rogers

Hi, Shery. Writer from Rhode Island here.

Aray Brown

Nice to meet you Sherry

Dayna Noffke

Hi Sherry! Nice to meet you.

Sherry McGuinn

Hey friends! Thanks for the welcome. Hope all is wee with you and yours.

Pat Savage

Welcome to Stage 32 and my network Sherry! Happy networking!

Sherry McGuinn

Thank you, Pat. Happy to be here!

Chad Stroman


Julian Montgomery

Welcome to the Stage!

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