Introduce Yourself : Hello everyone! I'm a sci-fi screenwriter. by Aimee Dansereau

Aimee Dansereau

Hello everyone! I'm a sci-fi screenwriter.

Hi there! I'm Aimee Dansereau. I enjoy sci-fi and fantasy, and have a passion for telling stories through writing, especially screenwriting.

I've created a sci-fi TV series and and sci-fi comedy TV series. I am a finalist in the Creative World Awards Screenwriting Competition (2016), a semi-finalist in the Diverse Voices Screenwriting Competition (2016 & 2017), and the Creative World Awards Contest (2014). I've written a spec script for the Walking Dead, and currently run a woman's sci-fi group called She-fi.

Julian Montgomery

Hey Aimee, welcome!

Natalie Elizabeth Beech

Hi Aimee, Welcome to Stage 32.

Hope to see you around and read your work more over the coming weeks and months.


John Ellis

Welcome, Aimee!

Vincent Paterno

Hi there!

Aimee Dansereau

Thanks for the warm greetings everyone!

Thomas Shaner


Darren Brown

Welcome Aimee!

Robert Sean-Riaz

Hi there, pleased to meet you.

Anthony Moore

From one sci-fi writer to another, welcome.

Thomas J. Herring

It's great to see more sci-fi writers. Keep writing and congrats on placing in the competitions.

Chad Stroman

Welcome! I've written a sci-fi as well and enjoy the genre as well.

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