Introduce Yourself : Hello everyone, newbie here looking to learn & connect by Ruth Maramis

Ruth Maramis

Hello everyone, newbie here looking to learn & connect

Hi there, I’m glad I found Stage 32 and I hope to learn and connect with people here. I'm a web designer by trade who runs a film blog I’m an aspiring screenwriter, I've just completed my first feature screenplay and just about to work on a script for a TV-miniseries. I’m looking for resources/classes/books, etc to learn more about writing a script for a TV pilot, so if any of you can help point me to that, I’d really appreciate it. Cheers! – Ruth

Richard "RB" Botto

Welcome to the community, Ruth. Great to have you here!

Ruth Maramis

Thank you Richard! What a wonderful community you've got here!

Sarah Gabrielle Baron

You're in the right place, Ruth. This is the best place for webinars on EVERYTHING to do with the craft. You'll meet some cool folks in the lounge discussion group too. Cheers!

Richard "RB" Botto

Thank you so very much, Ruth. I just provide the platform, the amazing creatives here make the whole thing sing.

Richard "RB" Botto

And people like Sarah! Selfless, collaborative and spirited!

Brian Knight

Welcome; this is a great place to find information and to meet new people. Hope you enjoy yourself.

Richard "RB" Botto

Thanks for the support, Brian!

Ruth Maramis

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! I will certainly participate in Lounge discussions and hopefully do a live pitch one day. Very nerve wracking though, so I gotta make sure I'm prepared :)

Kay Luke

Go here first: Your on your own navigating around the site. There are plenty of resources there. If you can't find WRITING FOR EPISODIC TV From Freelance to Showrunner for download message me and I'll send you a copy. Also, take a look at and And then there's my guys we're up-and-coming as a resource. Seek, and ye shall find!

Shawn Speake

Welcome to the Family, Ruth!

Ruth Maramis

Thanks so much for the great info, Kay. I will definitely peruse those sites. I already have a concept in mind (an espionage-tinged thriller w/ a love story at the heart of it), just a matter of expanding it into a script. I think given the ensemble cast and complex story, I thought a miniseries would be the best format for it.

Randy Mars


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