Introduce Yourself : Hi Creative Souls by Rashika R

Rashika R

Hi Creative Souls

I am excited to reintroduce myself, as Stage 32 has grown immensely in the past few months! Welcome newcomers! You won't regret a minute of networking on this platform. 

I love to spread kindness, love, and joy! I am a screenwriter with a knack for comedic dialogue and character-driven shows. I am a voice over and podcast host. (Bold Talk, iHeart Radio) I am the author of four children's books and one self-help guide. I've written two miniseries, two features, two TV series, one unscipted TV show and one children's animation. (I love challenging myself.)  When I'm not writing and in the studio, I'm flipping houses, painting and playing board games with my girls. 

A couple of weird one has ever guessed my age correctly (that has it's pros and cons) and I have the ability to chat with the other side.

I'm looking forward to e-meeting you. And best wishes on all of your amazing projects.


Jerry Gill

Hi Rashika I'm jealous. I'm a novelist (pulp adventure) and think it would be fun to write comedy. Unfortunately, whenever I tell a joke it bombs. Surprising you don't also write supernatural. My series heroess once told someone all farm girls learn to be a Jill of all trades. Sounds like you. Good luck with all your endeavors.

Jason Mirch

I am so excited we connected when we did Rashika R! You're such a light in the community!

Rashika R

Hi Jerry Gill no need to be jealous. I'm no stand up comedian. It seems to hold up better on paper. lol I do write supernatural, but since I've lived it, it's not my fave! Best wishes to you as well!

Rashika R

Jason Mirch thanks a million! I think it's simply my upbringing. Growing up in a family of five siblings, three adopted siblings and fostering more than six, I was surrounded by love and laughter. My forever goal is to make one smile!

Jacqueline Belle

Hello Rishika, in your video, Herstory part one, you spoke of the memories and moments that stop time... I love these moments as well and in my writing I enjoy playing with time.. pushing and pulling on it.. helping it to expand, contract and fold in on itself. Slowing time down; experiencing and sensing the smallest of moments... allowing them to become grand and even profound.

I am interested to see your children's books, please let me know how to find them. I have also written four children's books and they are ready for illustration. I currently have two published poetry collections; When I Walk Upon the Earth and The Collection: a poetic exploration of friendship, love, fantasies and the soulmate. I have narrated a few paranormal short stories and I enjoy it the genre very much. It was lovely to meet me you and I look forward to exploring your work further. Cheers, J.

Richard "RB" Botto

One of my absolute favs...Passion, work ethic, selflessness for days. You rock, R.

Rashika R

Richard "RB" Botto thanks so much! Complacency sucks. And my mother always reminded me, "money doesn't grow on trees." Technically it does. But it's always best to do the work!

Rashika R

Jacqueline Belle thank you for such kind words. My books are at Barnes and Noble and When I Walk Upon the Earth and The Collection sounds interesting! I would love to check them out. I noticed you said your books are ready for illustration. I have a phenomenal illustrator and good friends who are super talented graphic artists and animators. If you need info DM me, I'll be happy to share.


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