Introduce Yourself : Introducing myself and sharing what I do... by Shakeerah Mcpherson

Shakeerah Mcpherson

Introducing myself and sharing what I do...

I want to introduce myself. I work as a Casting Director with TR Burns Films and Influence TV Networks. We are looking for projects that are looking for bigger platform to be on.. If you have a film, tv series, web series I would love to see if you fit the mode for this network. Influence TV Networks is looking for positive programming, inspirational media, and family shows, film, comedy, etc. Please connect with me for more information!

Matthew Jason Walsh


Shakeerah Mcpherson

Thank you Matthew. This is a cool platform. Hoping to make new connections

Conrad Ekeke

Welcome Shakeerah. I'd love to solicit your audience if you accept scripts/screenplays. Also, I think there's a "Job posting corner" On your profile where you can make demands and choose from the best fits, after your evaluation of applicants and so on. You may simply have to go to your profile and you'll find "job postings". That way, I'm sure you'll get some good contacts. However, you're welcome :)

Shakeerah Mcpherson

Thank you Aray and Conrad! Send me your email Conrad and ill send you info. on what im looking for?

Debbie Croysdale

Hi and welcome. "Inspirational Media" sounds an interesting platform, I think there s a shortage in media now. We need more real life Intrigue !

Shakeerah Mcpherson

Yes I could agree more Debbie! Thank you

Felita Bell

Hi Shakeerah. I have a couple of screenplays. Let me know if you would like more details about them.

Shakeerah Mcpherson

Email me Felita at

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