Introduce Yourself : My name is Roberto I am a photographer by Roberto Cubadda

Roberto Cubadda

My name is Roberto I am a photographer

I am a photographer also interested in acting, my passion for photography actually came from movie scenes like in any of the Hitchkock movies some scenes were just so perfect and that makes me interested in acting as well but with no previous experience other than plays in small towns etc I'm much more focused on photography. Please feel free to check out my websites or contact me for anything at all..

Tomasz Mieczkowski

Love Hitchcock! Took a look at some of your photos. I think macro photography is really cool. If you want to learn more about acting, make sure to check out the acting lounge and if you're up for it, there's a lot of acting webinars and classes under Education.

Matt Hurd

Welcome Robert! The photography on your Instagram is gorgeous. I agree, there are many moments in film that make me think "That would make a beautiful photograph". Have you seen the "One Perfect Shot" twitter accounts? They showcase many of those images.

Roberto Cubadda

@matt Hurd Thank you so much, you don't understand how much a compliment means to me. I'll check out "one perfect shot" .

Aray Brown

Welcome to the family Roberto! HUGE fan of Hitchcock

Jackie Sass

What a cool inspiration to get into photography! I can't wait to check out your work.And welcome to Stage 32!

Aray Brown

thanks for the add

Brian Knight


James Drago

Hello and welcome, Roberto.

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