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Jackie Kirkpatrick

Ne Here

Hi, I I'd like to introduce myself. I'm a 39 woman year old living on the outskirts of Detroit. I've dreamed of being an actress and filmmaker since I was 3 years old and it was all I ever wanted to do in life, but I was always very poor and never had money for classes nor did I ever have any support or encouragement from family. When I graduated high school, I was denied financial aid so tried to save money for college to no avail. I worked in local television production since graduating high school hoping that would be a stepping stone to a career. I also thought I would be able to find people that could help me or at least point the way. Sadly it never happened and I fell through the cracks. I know local television is a far cry from the actual industry of film making but I was wondering, at my age, would it be too late to still give it a go despite still being a poor paycheck to paycheck person? If it is still possible, any idea how to get there? If so, Any tips on how to get started with very little money and no agent? Would anyone bother with me at my age and low level of experience? I am best at camera work but have also directed and served as on screen talent for many local productions at the station I work for. I really do want to take myself to the next level.

Eric Geynes

I'd say use what's available around you ie the local tv station... try to create a compelling original short of webseries to get noticed, that might be a way and you'll also be able to assess the quality of your work and therefore see what sort training might be right for you...

C T Ågren

I'd say, nowadays with new technique there are good cameras that don't need to be expensive, and some good free computer software for editing, so it is available even for those with not much of a budget. There are great online tutorials too and you can learn a lot! If you really would like to, get out with a camera and create what you want to create, in a way that is possible for you. Do what you can do, then you can do it good. And then show it! Good luck.

Maria Montgomery

I think the main thing is to know what you want and then take the obvious steps to get there. Work on whatever you can, whenever you can. Build a showreel, or create a script portfolio. There's always a solution to every problem. You just have to tackle it one step at a time! Best of luck!

Jackie Kirkpatrick

Unfortunately I do not own my own equipment and I have nobody around me to collaborate with which is a big disadvantage. The station I work for has changed over the years from doing original productions to outsourcing their programming making it hard to do anything without corporate people saying "No, it's not in the budget." I've wanted to work as an actor and filmmaker so badly since I was a child but living in a dead zone makes it tough to find one's way.

Jackie Kirkpatrick

I wish my reels hadn't been destroyed. They weren't much but they were still a decent start.

Maria Montgomery

Why don't you find other people in Detroit through Stage32, Mandy, LinkedIn, etc. and get together to make reels using something as simple as an iPhone? It's, if not easy, an inexpensive way to show talent.

Eric Geynes

Well to be honest with you Jackie, if you really have an idea and want to test your acting abilities, you can still do so even with a smart phone or a webcam. I'm not saying it'll be amazing quality but if the acting is good, it'll help you find like minded people to collaborate with and then do bigger and bigger things. You cannot just sit around feeling sorry about your situation. I challenge you to keep a daily video diary of an interesting character you make up. A few weeks down the line, use this footage to write something compelling and then rehearse rehearse rehearse and film it again with nice morning daylight through a window (camera between you and the window). There are dozens of interesting concepts you can use to create interesting footage where you don't need anyone else. Come on, try it!

Patricia Santos Marcantonio

I made short films with a cheap camera and using the editing program on my computer and my friends as actors. Do what you can, when you can. Good luck and age is a state of mind

Ellen Schoeters

You're on the right path Jackie.... Stage 32 is a lovely opportunity to meet other creatives! Believe in the power of your heart! If your heart tells you that acting is what you need to do... then it will happen :-) Best of luck to you!!! And you're never to old to follow the call of your heart :-)

Becca-Chris M

You sound like an ambitious woman, Jackie. Sorry I have no real advice to give aside from, keep moving forward! Sounds like you are taking steps in the right direction, and hopefully you can make some great connections on here! Merry Christmas!

Jackie Kirkpatrick

Thank you all. I've never been able to find anyone even as remotely as willing as you guys to tell me anything.

Steven Brown

Jackie, I am much older than you. In fact it wasn't until I was 44 that I re-ignited the passion for acting when I auditioned for a local musical theater show called "The Promise" and surprisingly was cast for a two season run (2007 and 2008). But even after that show closed, I let the acting dream lay dormant again until early 2013, when I got involved with AMTC, where they trained, mentored and coached me with invaluable training and experience. Now, this year alone, I have been in a short film, a TV Show Episode, an online commercial, an industrial training video, a web series video and 2 community theater productions. I am now 52 and just getting started. I have been cast in another short film and play. By the way, I live i a small town in Southwest Missouri. :-) There are a LOT of free resources out there (GOOGLE is your friend)! Blessings; Steven Brown

C T Ågren

Stay away from the No-sayers (your internal and the external). There a lot of them. A lot of people have a need for being negative towards others. Move towards people that don't have that need. (Like the nice people on this forum.) Every person has stories to tell. Genuine stories are always interesting. Reflect on what you need to tell, what you want to tell. Then do it. If you wanna act, then act. For instance a simple novel story with you in it filmed with a phone doesn't have to cost anything. Thats what I mean by do what you can do, use the resources you have and don't get stuck in what you don't have. True and genuine stories always win over the technique.

Jt Smash

Jackie, If you want it, Stay IN THE GAME! You have to find the you have the passion ask yourself this real question.This is a real journey , If you get a no,Keep Going. Sorry there is no magic wand in his game. Guess what you have a lot going for you. dig deep and get Busy. You can do it.

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