Introduce Yourself : The Future of Technology by Christel Janssen

Christel Janssen

The Future of Technology

Hi! What an impressive community you are! Such a delight to be among fellow creatives with a big drive for their passion. I am entering this space from maybe a slightly different angle. I am an author, visionary screenwriter, and Podcast host. I am the host of the Telepathic Writing Salon podcast.  I attended the Academy of Arts in the beginning of the nineties in the Netherlands. (Yes a long time ago)  I then was all into extrasensory perception and was in a floatation tank for many hours. I did several art projects on that. I was very interested in Virtual Reality at that moment which just got 'invented' I came up with the idea that it would be possible to communicate through technology with beings without a body: not as a 'scary thing, but as a possibility and fact.' To my amazement fifteen years later, that became a reality for me: when my lover entered a coma and started to communicate to me from the state he was in on my computer screen in handwritten letters and I could communicate back. And believe me, those communications were amazing, because of the incredible multidimensional facets that surfaced!!  It took me ten years to write it all down and my book 'Forty-Nine days' got published. I became part of a Transmedia Storytelling program here in Hawaii where I am currently living. A Film director happened to read the book, approached me and we are now collaborating into making it into a screenplay. I would like to connect to likeminded people: Virtual Reality Artists, Transmedia storytellers, and especially other Screenwriters interested in collaborating, Producers interested in this subject.  I consider myself a visionary and I am super excited about what the future is holding for us.  I am convinced what we need is getting stories like mine into this world and create awareness and understanding about where we are heading. Ultimately to have a whole new, intuitive/telepathic connection with technology. And I am sure that the visual arts will take a gigantic leap in that, I would love to be on the forefront that! 

Börje Peratt

Hi Christel, fascinating experience and interesting to see how you may transform it into a movie. Perhaps you might be interested in my research - "On the Origin of Consciousness"

Patricia Poulos

Hi Christel - I'm also an author of four non-fiction books. Wonderful to be able to share. This is the site where I believe - all is possible.

James Drago

What a story. I would love to stay connected with you. Sent you an invite!

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