Introduce Yourself : Hello Renaissance People by Prince Busani Moyp

Hello Renaissance People

I am a budding writer who doesn't have a particular field or concentration( I find specialization excruciatingly monotonous). I hope i grow in this network. I love advice and i don't shun correction. I know i m gonna be a great writer because its all i ever dream about. During my spare time i am a medical student and a law student at two different universities. Yes ...You heard me. During my spare time cause i m a writer first and everything else in my life is a distant second.

Patrick M McCormick

Write what your Mind's Eye shows you. Convert it to a form that the Industry Readers are familiar with... and doors will open.

Linda Perkins

...2 different majors at 2 different campuses and you have spare time...imagine that! Do you have a completed script? Now that you're on S32, have you submitted a script for coverage? If not that would be a good place to start.

Heather Hale

Welcome Prince! ;-) Wonderful life experience - education and passion! ;-)

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