Producing : Trying to sell a show. by E. LeeAnn

E. LeeAnn

Trying to sell a show.

Hello! Does anyone know the best way to get a script into the 'right hands' outside of submitting the script to script competitions? Is it worth trying to cold call or write producers that work at production companies? Or finding a representative to advocate on your behalf? Any advice would be helpful!

Doug Nelson

Anything & everything is worth a try. There is no right or wrong way. Persistence and determination are strong assets.


What Doug wrote!

E. LeeAnn

Thank you so much Doug Nelson Andre really appreciate! I'll keep going!

Patricia M Bates

Persistence, belief in yourself, are all things you can do. There's no wrong way, though having an agent does make it a bit easier, but it isn't a necessity.

John David Higham

Pitch, pitch, pitch! Check out Skype pitching here on Stage 32 and make the investment to attend HPF in early August: it’s well worth the investment.There is a real need for quality content. I’m not one to go the contest route m, the rep route, or the cold call route. Though I haven’t yet had anything produced, my work managed to attract a well-known indie producer who attached herself to my feature script and I am pleased that my recent pitch experience at HPF has been incredibly encouraging. And, write, write, write!

E. LeeAnn

John, thank you so much...I'll keep at it! I'll will make note to attend HPF next year!

Nancy Fulton

You can check out You can also check out the agents and managers that are getting projects sold by watching the trades and reaching out to them for representation.

Shadow Dragu-Mihai

Seriously, script competitions are almost never a step to getting a script into the "right hands" - they are by definition amateur events (that's a description, not a pejorative) - You need a literary agent who will pitch it to producers and studios. So look for literary agents - and pitch them your script(s).

E. LeeAnn

Thanks for the advice Shadow and Nancy!!!

Aaron Falvey

Sign up to IMDb Pro for a free months trial and locate the contact details of a few producers who you think might like your screenplay. For example, if you think your story is similar to other films made, find out who the producers of those films were and contact.

Similarly, you could add a whole tonne of producers on this platform and message them all asking them if they are interested.

E. LeeAnn

Thanks so much Aaron!! Will do!

E. LeeAnn

Kay-thanks for your input! I've pitched to producers on this forum so I wouldn't say that I'm 'blowing it'. I'll keep pitching, pitching, and pitching like people, including you, have suggested.

Joanne Butcher

What is HPF?

E. LeeAnn

Joanne Butcher Hollywood Pitch Festival...

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