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Looking for a screenwriter to collaborate with on future projects! Anyone out there interested give me a holler!

Kira George

Hi Nicholas, What genre?

Randy Brown

I'll add the question: short or feature?

Nicholas Barbera

Feature length domestic drama.

Vonnie Davis

You looking for a co-writer or a producer? \

Nicholas Barbera


Kira George

How many? Are you asking for examples of works?

Nicholas Barbera

Well, right now I am focusing on one project at a time, but if we could do more that would be great! I would love to read a sample if you don't mind.

Evan de Mont Wirig

Send it my way. More than willing to help!

Tabitha Baumander

Check out the loglines and screenplays section of my profile to see if my stuff is for you. if so drop me a line

Padma Narayanaswamy

Nicholas I am interested . Please read my scripts viz Race to the Senate &Human Bonding posted here and thanks.

Nicholas Barbera

Manda, would be interested in working together. Would you like to read a longline? Synopsis? Let me know.

E.J. Cedric

What have you got in mind?

Audrey Ero

Hey Nicholas! I read the summary of the project you've got going on, and its eerily similar to mine. Maybe that means something.... Take a look at my logline, and let me know if you're interested.

G. Leo Maselli

My ears are always open to a collaboration. Like Audrey, should we exchange a logline or two. I'm pretty buried right now but I am thinking ahead.

Allison Bruning

I'm always open.

Ken Bloomfield

Check out screenwriter wanted for "The Pilgrims' Bounty"

Robert Beedham

Hey Nicholas - I've got writing credits on 9 shorts, 17 docs and 1 feature, with others in development. Always happy to collaborate. Robert

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