Screenwriting : Collaboration by Richard J Fernandez

Richard J Fernandez


Hi there fellow Stage 32'ers is there anybody in my network or outside of that would like to work on a project with me ? ... Screenplay in particular ... Thanks

Robin Duff

Hi Richard - would love to work with you; a little tied up though, will be saying more about this later. It's a bit left field just now ...thanks for the add. It would be so great to meet some of the people on here one day ... too much going on huh?

Margaret Avnet

Hi Richard: What kind of script are you looking for?

Janet Scott

Richard, is it your script, or the others... That you want to work on? I would like to get together with someone to co-write one of my own scripts.

Diane Knaus

I also would like to know which genre and get more information.

Jana Lee

Yes maybe!

Nicole Jamison

Maybe, may I have some more information?

Susan Courtright

Love more information!

Luna Munroe

Message me if you'd like to tell me more about it.

Ted King

What genre are you looking for?

Alex Sarris

All good screenwriters have their own stories ready to be written. Why would they want to collaborate and what will you be contributing to the relationship besides an idea?

Nicole Jamison

I am also looking for someone to collaborate with on a screenplay, from idea to finished product.

Janet Scott

Nicole... your own screenplay or the others?

Steve O'Brien

Hello friend, what did you have in mind?

Nicole Jamison

Hi Janet Scott I sent you a message!

Wil Moore

Hi. What's the project?

Katie Stewart


Roberta Decker

I would love

Beatriz Urzáiz

I'd love to but I'm in Spain...

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