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Claude Gagne

Genre writer

Do you have a specific genre you write in? Will a production establishment choose a script from a multi-genres writer or is it preferable to write in one genre.?

Paul Grammatico

I tend to experiment more. I usually write what comes into my head at the time and see if it goes anywhere. If it does, it does. If it doesn't, I try something else.

Andrew Cohen

I love to write comedy and satire. What I specifically like to write is making a story that is in a genre but makes a statement about the present condition of the world. So like if it’s an action-thriller, how can I make a different action-thriller that says something about how we live as people.

Doug Nelson

I think most writers develop a certain comfort level in individual genre and/or various sub & cross genres. Once you find your comfort level & voice - become the world's most foremost authority.

Kiril Maksimoski

All of my scripts written on spec are in vein of horror/thriller genre, so I could say it's my favorite although if got assigned to, I could easily relate to history, drama, war....on the other hand, comedy would be really tough...I believe one need special skill underneath the writing skill for that genre. I would quite possible never approach it.

Nick Assunto - Stage32 Script Services

Yeah comedy, but genre comedies. So it's always horror comedy, sci-fi comedy, fantasy comedy. I like to deconstruct and subvert tropes, and border on parody without really crossing the line.

Claude Gagne

Do I get a chuckle with what I wrote?

Richard Banton

Dark drama/thriller. Although I'm interested in writing something with a lighter tone in the near future.

Erick Freitas

Horror, Comedies, and thrillers, probably in that order. But honestly, I'm starting to want to have a script in each genre, just to see if I can do it.

John Ellis

I'm all over the place (except horror--I don't do horror). My voice/tone/style varies to suit the genre. Do I do that well? I think so. Will it help me or kill my career? Time will tell.

Dan Guardino

A producer is going to choose a screenplay based on the screenplay itself and could give a rat’s rectum if the screenwriter specializes in one genre or a hundred.

Rebecca D Robinson

Sci-fi, mystery and historical drama.

Jim Boston

Claude, I'm partial to comedy...although I have a dramedy ("Gayle Strawberry and Her Soda Pop Music Makers") in my portfolio.

Dan MaxXx

Just from my experiences working for prod companies, the bosses all have their own company brand and we were reading spec screenplays by repped writers who matched their brand and were cheap to hire. Nobody was reading specs to make them. The bosses needed writers to execute company ideas.

So, write something amazing that Employers want to meet you and maybe hire you.

Aray Brown

Thriller, drama

Claude Gagne

Probably everyone that begins this elusive career as a screenwriter finds a lot of obstacles in the writing process, that he/she needs to rectify to stay on the right path. I don't know about you but I started in Scifi for maybe three years, then tried action/ adventure to no avail, then maybe a little drama. Well, this took years, but I did gain a bit of experience I suppose.

What, if I'm good at comedy? Or, at romance. No not romance. And, you find someone that specializes in what you write, then you have a partner for a few years, maybe decades! That's what I'm trying to say here.

Aray Brown How's your series coming along?

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